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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog~ I'm super excited you're here!

Over the last 13 years my blog has evolved many times. It started as an escape from work, then evolved to pixel art, knitting, makeup, and now chronicling my life as a new mother, trying to pack each day full of excitement, fun and love.

In 2006 I married my high school sweetheart, Aaron. We had a courthouse wedding and used the money we saved on the wedding for a 9 day trip to Osaka Japan. We are very into Japanese culture and have even taught ourselves quite a bit of Japanese. Our parent's threw us a lovely reception when we got back, so everyone could see us all dressed up.

We have one little man who is the absolute best. We did a home birth with a midwife, which was pretty great. You can read about his birth story here.

We have a cat, Welkin, who is basically another child. He's such a little rascal but is so good with Dean!

Aaron and I own a video game store called, Sunken Treasures Games. You can take a tour of our store here. We sell all things video games, anime, manga, figures, card games, etc!

A few random things about me:
■ I'm long winded (can you tell by this long post?)
■ I'm left handed when I write, but do almost everything else right handed
■ My hobbies are very eclectic: knitting, baseball, particle physics, fantasy & scifi, reading, coffee, Verbal Judo, astronomy, anime, Weiss Schwarz.
■ I lovelovelove Twitter and Instagram. If you are on those sites also please friend me!!
■ I get motion sick while playing certain video games. Luckily I have anti nausea wristbands to help me out.
■ My hips have a mind of their own and they will snag/hit/bump into anything and everything they can. Imagine bull in a china shop. xD
■ I have a BIG blog post all about my favorite things.
Liz said...

Hi, I am a big gaming geek too! My kids love me for it :) Super Mario games are my favorite. Thanks for stopping by my blog "A Sweet Baker". Waves to you too!

Tearsa Roberts said...

My little brother is currently living in Tokyo! SOOO JEALOUS! I've always wanted to go there. I'm sure he totally stands out-He is 6'4", blonde and blue eyes lol


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