The great outdoors

The apartment comple we live at has been doing a bunch of landscaping in our court this summer.  A few days ago they laid sod down in place of the juniper bushes and rocks.  I'M LOVING THE GRASS!

So is Dean.

That smile just makes me melt! *^_____^*  This is our first trip outside on the grass and it's just so nice!  The weather here has been too hot duringthe  day so I waited until almost 7pm to come out here.  Once fall hits an it's not 80-90 degrees all day long, I think we'll be spending a lot more time outside.  

This is my third cup of Mother's Milk tea today and I've read 15 chapters of this book in the last few days.  *So good!*

What have you guys been up to this weekend?  Any thing special or fun?

I hit the pan!

Hitting the bottom of a make up product is something that I dreaded in the past. I had this fear that once I used up a product it was gone forever never to be found, used, or loved again. It's pretty extreme, I know.

That is probably why I have so much make up... yeah it's definitely a factor.

To my surprise when I hit the pan of my new Snow White ELF eye shadow set, I was excited. "Look at that! I loved this so much you can tell by how much I'm using it!"

My first thought to myself was "Wow! I should go buy another one!" Haha! I haven't done it... yet. The creamy yellow is the perfect base color and blends in exactly with my cream eye shadow base. That color with the pretty gold on the upper left (and a baby bit of the brown in the bottom right)~ that combination gets me more compliments than I probably have ever in my life. This isn't an exaggeration.

Also this week, I hit the pan on my powder. Seeing this silver poke out doesn't freak me. There is always more powder.

This is the second compact this summer I have purchased of this particular brand and shade, and I will absolutely be buying another one. My dry skin has never looked good with powder, but since I had the baby my skin has acted differently and, for whatever, reason this powder just really works. It has great coverage without being heavy or cake-y.

Pretty soon I'll be hitting the pan on a Two Faced pallet my mom got me for Christmas. More creams and golds in that set are running a bit low.

When was the last time you hit the pan on a make up product? Is it a big deal for you? ♥

30 Days of Lists Catch Up Post

Must haves for a night in...
*snuggly blanket
*Final Fantasy XI
*Something tasty to drink

The best things about this week...
*Aaron's birthday
**GOING TO GO SEE NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON** <- I forgot to write that one *NTX Takeover PPV *going to a Mariner's game *finding a lost knitting pattern Best places to find inspiration...

*people watching
*flipping through magazines

Favorite cliches...
*"Better out than in" - Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
*"No... why?" - my friend Hiro

Basic Travel Cosmetics

This is one of those posts I've thought about writing every time I go on a trip to Seattle or Portland. The trips are typically just over nighters so I don't bring a lot. I was so close to writing one for PAX weekend then decided against it. Then my friend Eve wrote a post about what she brought to Seattle that weekend and encouraged me to write one of my own. So here we go.

If some of these items look familiar it's because they're the same items I've been using all summer (as seen here). Some are new items I've splurged on since then.

Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation Stick
Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls
Maybelline Fit Me! Pressed Powder
Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab CC Cream
Maybelline Master Smoky Eye Liner
L'Oreals Vouminous Miss Manga

Maybelline Color Tatoo 24 Hour Cream Eyeshadow
E.L.F. Snow White Eyeshadow set

Those are the items I wore over the weekend. And these are all the products I brought with me that weekend.

Pretty silly, I know, but I was feeling really unsure about myself. There really was no need to worry about it. I ended up wearing the products that I feel the best in, which is my every day stuff. One night I even brought out the red lip stain. I felt bold. Haha! This weekend was a confirmation for me to stick with what I know works and what I feel best in.

Me wearing this make up today. Also goofing off at work with one of the new chocobo plushies that arrived from Japan. It's so cute!

The Manga mascara is pretty great (a wee bit on the clumpy side) but really gives my lashes the look I desire~ full and long. The Tattoo eyeshadow I've been using as a base for all of my eyeshadows. It really does stay for the long haul which is great. There has been a few times I've forgotten to wash my face at night and Aaron will ask me in the morning if I had already done my makeup because my eyes look great. Quite an endorsement, hehe!

What do you bring on trips? Do you have travel sized makeup instead of the full sized ones? <3

Ain't nobody got time for...

This post is day 9 of 30 days of Lists.

*Carpal tunnel
*People who can't park
*People who can't drive

Since finding my lost pattern and reading my friend Eve's post about knitting, all I want to do is knit!  Wrist exercises and meds haven't worked to fix me in 2+ years so I'm looking else where for something to help my wrists.  I read that lemongrass oil is a natural anti-inflamatory so I'm going to be picking some of that up.  My mom recommended turmeric and glucosamine suppliments so I'm going to try that.  I already cook with turmeric so I'm down for that.

Do you have any recommendations for irritated wrists?  <3

Books everyone should read...

This post is day 8 of 30 days of Lists.

*anything by JRR Tolkien
*Harry Potter series
*His Dark Materials trilogy
*The Sword of Truth series

If you can't tell I'm totally on the stationary bike right now, and it's totally 11:49pm.  Getting my endorphin high right before I go to bed is how I roll.  Haha!  Just kidding, this just happened to be the only time today I could nake it happen.  I would be reading right now but I left my book in the bedroom.  Instead I'll play "Tsum Tsum" and "Two Dots" on my phone instead.

What books are ones you think oleveryone sglhould read? <3

I Found It

The day I moved my blog from my .net to Blogspot I knew, knew, I should back my patterns up somewhere just in case something happened. Even though I made back ups for my patterns, one slipped through the cracks~ Alena. It was such a bummer because this one was probably the most fun to make and knit for me.

Tonight I was thinking about trying to rewrite the pattern from the pictures but before I did that I decided to check a few more places for the pattern. I'm so glad I did because I FOUND IT! Somehow it got mixed up with some of the store's folders on the computer.

My favorite part about this pattern is that the cables don't actually require a cable needle. It's a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang on it (which is pretty quick in my opinion) you won't want to use a cable needle again. Ok, so that might be a bold statement, but I do think you'll like this technique!

You can snag the pattern on Ravlery, on the pattern page, on here.

I am off to cast this on on some pretty sparkly white yarn I found. What have you been crafting lately? <3

Chores I actually enjoy...

This post is day 7 of 30 days of Lists.


Pretty short list today.  To be honest I don't super enjoy these but they have moments where I enjoy it.  As far as cooking goes, I like it but I don't like cleaning up after.  As for laundry, I love the feel of toasty warm clothes out pf the dryer.


Every night before I go to bed...

This post is day 6 of 30 days of Lists.

*wash up
*snuggle with Aaron
*play games on my ipod
*put on wrestling or baseball for background noise.

When we were in Seattle last weekend I picked up some charcoal foaming face wash.  My skin behaves differently since becoming pregnant.  I'm still trying to find something that helps with my breakouts but doesn't dry me out.

Aaron and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary tonight.  Every night we still snuggle up in bed, my legs over his.

Playing games oh my ipod is just about all the gaming I get to do anymore.  If it requires more than one thumb/fingerI can't do it.  Games like "Fortune Street", "Two Dots", "Tsum Tsum" and "Ninja Village" (or any game by Kairosoft) are all great.

I'm fallig asleep as I write this so I'm off. <3

Things To Nurture This Month

This post is day 4 of 30 days of Lists.

*my wrists

Aaron has been such a good sport since the baby has been born.  I have never been good at balancing my time  between the people in my life, and even more so since having the baby.  Me being mommy is very important, but so is  me being wife.  We're celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary (our 13th year together) and I'd like to keep that spark alive and well for the next 60-70 years.

Lately I have been feeling I've lost a little bit of my personal spark and I'd like to get it back.  Tuesday I'm getting my hair done, and I'd like to start knitting again (and design some new patterns).  There is so much to be inspired by out there right now and I want to strike while the irons hot, so to speak.

What to work on... a cowl? A scarf? A hat? <3


Isn't funny how our perspectives change throughout out life?  As we grow, read, learn, listen, our outlooks change.  It changes how we view ourselves, others, time... Life in general.  Since giving birth my perspectives on so much has chaged dramatically.

There have been a few things I have read in the last few months that have struck a cord with me and I want to share them.

Sometimes it seems like the most common sense lessons in life are the ones I struggle with. 

Love myself.

I am worth it.

Why is it so hard?  I don't know, but I'm going to keep working in it.  Until I get there I'll fake it untill I make.  Or something.  <3

If I had an extra hour in the day I would...

*knit more
*snuggle with Aaron and/or Dean

(this is post 3 of 30 Days of Lists)


This PAX was one of the most, if not the most, satisfying trips to Seattle for me.  I have been saving my money I decided to not hold myself back from the all of the little things I wanted to accomplish/do/eat.  Essentially, I had a little bucket list for our trip and was ready to cross off as many things as I could.

Getting crepes at Unicone was high on my list.  They have an "okonomiyaki" crepe and I haven't had okonomiyaki since we were in Osaka last so I wanted to try it.  Sure enough, it was okonomiyaki in a crepe~ cabbage, egg, bonito flakes, pickeled ginger, Japanese mayo, and okonomiyaki sauce (which is a special type of bbq sauce).

All I was thinking in my head was "natsukashi!" which means "nastalgic" in Japanese.  This crepe brought me back to the time Aaron and I were talked into going to this restraunt by the place's outdoor hype-man (it's totally a real thing in Japan) and eating okonomiyaki and yakisoba.  Mmm!

A lot of my list was foods and this was the only one I remembered to snap a photo of, lol!  I also had a "choco almond corn whip" crepe (which is just a crepe filled with whip cream, almond slices, corn flakes, and chocolate syrup drizzle),  ton pei yaki (spicy pork inside a Japanese omelet topped w/Japanese mayo & tonkatsu sauce), pizza at Gameworks, and a soy Pumpkin Spice latte.  So much nummy food!!

Stuff pictured above that I picked up~~ a "Black Mesa" shirt and a Star Wars Storm Trooper button up.  You can't see the fine details with this but the pattern is Storm Trooper faces in various profile positions, and the buttons are little Empirial symbols.  Super cute!

I also picked up a little wallet, charcoal face soap, patterned stickey notes, notepad, and pen amd Daiso and Kinokunia.  A bottle of Japanese mayo (it's made with rice vinegar and oh-so-delicious!) was a must as I'm running low of my current bottle.  I've been eyeing a few cd's at Statbucks so I finally picked up "Cocktail Hour".  It's cute.  Has an enjoyable little variety of songs.  

Oh!  I just noticed that I didn't take a picture of the two games I got... bummer.  Oh well, I'm too comfy in bed to move and do it now, haha!  Anyways, I picked up "Boss Monster" which is a card game where each player is a dungeon boss and you try to kill the most heroes that walk into your dungeon.  I also bought "Angry Sheep", a dice game where you try to collect sheep during the sheep revolution.  Very fun!

What did everyone else do this last weekend? <3

I can't pass up...

*morning snuggles with Aaron
*any change to snag a coffee
*cute eye shadow palettes
*blasting AKB48 in my car and singing along (this and this over and over and over)
*any opportunity to watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movies.

(This post is day 2 of 30 Days of Lists)

Today was brought to you by...

The other day I ran across this really neat little website: 30 Days of Lists. It's basically a website for this neat month long creative journaling challenge. Since life has been hectic, I figured this is something I could do. I enjoy making lists so figured this might be something I'd like and be pretty easy to fit in each day.

Day One's list was "Today Was Brought To You By...". Here is my list:

*Pomegranate Peach Green Tea
*Hanging out with sisters
*Finding the perfect flannel shirts
*Breakfast burritos for dinner
*Great new music ~ "The Cocktail Hour" a compilation on songs
I picked up at Starbucks

To get an idea of what other people have done, check out the Instagram hashtag #30lists. It does cost $10 to join, which is meh, but it does give you access to a ton of free printables, resources, tutorials, and more, which is neat. (From what I've seen on Etsy, you can't really buy that many printables for $10.)

Are you a list making sort of person? Do you make fancy lists or put them on Post-it Notes? Personally, I'm a Post-it Note gal. ♥

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