This PAX was one of the most, if not the most, satisfying trips to Seattle for me.  I have been saving my money I decided to not hold myself back from the all of the little things I wanted to accomplish/do/eat.  Essentially, I had a little bucket list for our trip and was ready to cross off as many things as I could.

Getting crepes at Unicone was high on my list.  They have an "okonomiyaki" crepe and I haven't had okonomiyaki since we were in Osaka last so I wanted to try it.  Sure enough, it was okonomiyaki in a crepe~ cabbage, egg, bonito flakes, pickeled ginger, Japanese mayo, and okonomiyaki sauce (which is a special type of bbq sauce).

All I was thinking in my head was "natsukashi!" which means "nastalgic" in Japanese.  This crepe brought me back to the time Aaron and I were talked into going to this restraunt by the place's outdoor hype-man (it's totally a real thing in Japan) and eating okonomiyaki and yakisoba.  Mmm!

A lot of my list was foods and this was the only one I remembered to snap a photo of, lol!  I also had a "choco almond corn whip" crepe (which is just a crepe filled with whip cream, almond slices, corn flakes, and chocolate syrup drizzle),  ton pei yaki (spicy pork inside a Japanese omelet topped w/Japanese mayo & tonkatsu sauce), pizza at Gameworks, and a soy Pumpkin Spice latte.  So much nummy food!!

Stuff pictured above that I picked up~~ a "Black Mesa" shirt and a Star Wars Storm Trooper button up.  You can't see the fine details with this but the pattern is Storm Trooper faces in various profile positions, and the buttons are little Empirial symbols.  Super cute!

I also picked up a little wallet, charcoal face soap, patterned stickey notes, notepad, and pen amd Daiso and Kinokunia.  A bottle of Japanese mayo (it's made with rice vinegar and oh-so-delicious!) was a must as I'm running low of my current bottle.  I've been eyeing a few cd's at Statbucks so I finally picked up "Cocktail Hour".  It's cute.  Has an enjoyable little variety of songs.  

Oh!  I just noticed that I didn't take a picture of the two games I got... bummer.  Oh well, I'm too comfy in bed to move and do it now, haha!  Anyways, I picked up "Boss Monster" which is a card game where each player is a dungeon boss and you try to kill the most heroes that walk into your dungeon.  I also bought "Angry Sheep", a dice game where you try to collect sheep during the sheep revolution.  Very fun!

What did everyone else do this last weekend? <3

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