Video Tutorial ~ A Sidways Ponytail with a NerdyNook Bow

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a good Monday so far. I am. Sometimes in the morning when I get to work, I marvel at the fact that I have this store, and it filled with things I am passionate about. I love coming to work. It makes my days really happy. :D

This morning I recorded a little hair tutorial featuring the beautiful bow that Sandy from The Nerdy Nook sent me for Christmas. (Thanks again Sandy, I LOVE it!) You guys should check out her shop, she has soooo many cute bows on it!

How do you like to wear your hair bows?

Foxy Mail

My head feels like it's spinning. In the "there is so much stuff going on, I can hardly keep up, as I check stuff off my list I keep adding stuff" sort of way.

No worries though. It's all good, fun, and positive activities that I am happy I started. Some of it requires me to leave my comfort zone. Some are things I can't talk about just yet.

Other parts of it is me staying up too late *cough*2am*cough* watching previous years "Home Run Derby's" on Do you know how exciting those are? So exciting!

Basically, I need to slow down. Down to a snails pace.

I want to embrace this leisurely time and write letters. Not emails but hand written, stamped, and postmarked letters. To you.

If you want a probably very silly little letter hand made with luvs, email me your address at knittedfox [at] gmail [dot] com. Trust that your address is safe with me and used only for the purpose of sending you smiles. I won't stalk you. But if I did it would be to bring homemade cookies. And a hug. Deal?

Note that there will be a great deal of doodles, crayon, yarn, and hopefully not too much cat hair in your letter. Rinoa LOVES laying on paper whenever I have it out. Silly kitty!

Look forward to some foxy letters heading your direction. ♥

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