Bun + Braid

Morning friends! How was yours Super Bowl weekend? I worked, watched movies, exercised and played some video games. Some of this I did at the same time! I like to think of my self as a multitasking queen. No biggie.

Doing two things at once is something I love to do. Knit and watch movies, play games while listening to podcasts, talking to customers and then talking to friends on Steam... wearing my hair in a bun AND a braid.

I wore my hair like this the other day and got a lot of compliments. Figured since it only took me about two minutes to do, I would make a video tutorial for it. Hope you like it!

*The lighting in this video isn't great... I look like a ghost! Blast the sun for not being out today!

eve said...

i wish my hair would grow out sooner. your hair is so cute.

i love knitting and movies too. i actually find now i cant sit still and just watch a movie. i need something to knit.

AliceBeckstrom said...

super cute!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh so cute! and you are just too cute all around, friend. i love messy buns and i want to try this one out, for sure. :)

JustSandy said...

Ahhhhh! Is that a kimono?? To DIE for!! :D The bun is super cute, Sarah. I wish I could try it but I recently chopped off my hair! :-/



ginanorma said...

You are SO cute, and so is that bun! What a clever idea with a braid wrapped in there, I have to try that when my hair grows out...! Your voice is so precious! Dig u.

And I received the most precious darling letters in the mail this week, my goodness, I've been carrying them around with me for 2 days! Thank you so so very much, I loved the crayons, and all you wrote and your sweet words, thank you Sarah, they really blessed me!

Crissy said...

This is so cute :D
I'm going to attempt this later eeee!

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

so adorable :) that hairdo is precious!


a cup of subtle tea said...

I know I'm on the super late train but this is super cute :)

You are so freaking adorable!! Definitely wish we lived closer together :)


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