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Have you ever played the "hurry up and wait" game? The oh my gosh this has to get done like right now, ok so now it's done but now is not the right time sort of game? I am no stranger to this game.

When I was in high school my family played it a lot because my dad was in the National Guard Special Forces and had to hurry up to get ready to go to Iraq, but wait until the Army was actually ready to send him. Same thing for when he came back.

Not all hurry up and wait games are bad though. A good example of this is when we decided to open our store. I had to hurry and quit my job, pack up half of our apartment (because our starting inventory was our personal video game collection. I'll show you pictures sometime, it's CRAZY!), and then wait until we could sign all the paper work and get the keys. It was a nine day process but it felt like weeks.

Now the "upcoming project" I have been talking about has been pushed back a bit. How long, I don't know for sure. Probably a day or so. I have written quite a bit of material for it, and now I have to wait. It's not a bad wait, just an I'm so excited to share it with everyone, the anticipation is killing me, but I can be patient because this is just too awesome sort of wait.

While we wait oh so patiently for me to be given the ok to talk any more about this project, I have something to preoccupy us for a bit. While going through some files from my old blog, I found a make up tutorial I did a year ago that was cute but forgotten. No longer shall this tutorial hide in the depths of my computer!

It is in a different format than my previous ones. Let me know what you think of it.

A: Benefit "Girl Meets Pearl" primer to help get rid of my huge pores
B: Benefit "Lemon Aid" to get rid of my dark circles
C: Maybelline "Age Rewind Eraser Foundation" (I admit it- I'm a squinter, I squint in the sun, when I'm concintrating, when I'm smiling, constantly, so I have small wrinkles and this helps)
D: Mark by Avon powder compact
E: Mark by Avon light pink and white eye shadows to highlight my cheek bones
F: Mark by Avon blush
G: brownish- pink eyeshadow over the eyelids only
H: darker brown eyeshadow used as eyeliner along the outside corners only, about 1/2 across top lashline and 1/3 across bottom lashline
I: CoverGirl brown mascara.

Apply primer (A) all over face, using a clean ring finger apply concealer (B) under both eyes to cover dark circles. Then apply foundation (C), and powder (D) where needed.

Using a blush brush, go over both a (E) light pink and white eye shadow and apply above your cheek bones for highlight. This is an optional step, my face just looked dull and I wanted to add a bit more color to it. For blush (F) use a light pink and apply where you normally apply your blush. Because of my long face, I keep my blush on the upper part of my cheekbones.

Next add a pinkish brown (G) color to your eyelids. Follow this with a darker brown (H) on the outer corner of your upper and lower lashes as eyeliner. Add brown mascara (I) on the outer corners of your eyelashes.

This was one of the first written make up tutorials I made. What do you think of me writing my whole makeup routine, not just my eye shadow? Thoughts?

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Who's watching the Super Bowl? Not us... we don't have tv and we'd just rather play games together instead. We're not much for football anyways. Hope you are enjoying whatever it is you're up to!!
ginanorma said...

Really great! Your eye make-up looks really pretttttty!!! I like Mark products too, and they don't break the bank !

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