Tokyo Recap - Part 3

I want to share my Valentine's Day pictures in Tokyo with you. It was such a fun V-day and we took some great pictures to document our shenanigans.

We started our day walking through Tokyo, passing by shops, walking over bridges, seeing Sumo wrestlers, and checking out the quieter side of Tokyo on our way to a theater. A movie for one of our favorite video games, "Gyakutek Saiban" aka "Phoenix Wright" in America, was released in theaters so we wanted to see it.

While we waited for the show time, we went to Pietro's for lunch.

The pizza was so delicious!

The view of Tokyo was beautiful on this misty/not quite rainy day.

Yummy beer!

When you buy movie tickets, you actually get to pick out which seats to sit in which is pretty cool. You also get this nifty little tray for your food and drinks.

Oh! And there was a gift shop there to buy items from the various movies playing. We picked up this program slash photo book from the movie.

Afterwards, Aaron took me on a shopping spree and I picked up some cute clothes, fake thick framed glasses, and bunch of bento stuffs. Then as we walked back to our part of town, we passed by the Tokyo Sky Tree:

Then we went back to Akihabara for food and fun. We wanted to go someplace different for our V-day dinner. Where? We weren't sure until we ran across Bar Rythm, which is a little darts bar two flights of stairs down below one of the side streets. It was bright, friendly, as was playing JPOP music we know, AND they had omurice there (which was what I wanted for V-day dinner).

What is omurice? It's just about the coolest thing in the world! It's a Japanese omelet, made of fried rice cooked with ketchup (or some type of tomato sauce), topped with an omelet, then (the BEST part!) a picture or phrase is written on top with ketchup. Omelet made of rice... Omu rice... get it? xD

Getting omurice with a fox on it was one of my main goals while in Tokyo. It made me so happy to get it! The gal who served us giggled when she asked what I wanted her to draw on the omurice and I asked for a "kitsune onegaishimasu" (fox please).

After Bar Rythm, we headed to Club Sega to play some games.

I won that mouse pad and mouse out of a crane game. Took a while, quite a few 100 yen pieces, and help from the nice Club Sega guy, but I got it and it's currently what I'm using at my computer right now.

We did two more awwwwesome photo booths as well. Easily the best pictures of us ever. Apparently a big feature of these photo booths is that they slightly enlarge your eyes. Regardless, I LOVE these pictures. It's us in our element~ being in love and having fun with each other. ♥

Then we walked around Akihabara a bit before heading back to the hotel and crashing. So probably spent 3 or 4 hours that day walking. Good times!

Being in Tokyo with Aaron and having a super cute dinner for Valentine's day was better than all the chocolate and flowers in the world. *^___^*

Thanks for hanging in there~ this was a long post. Have a great night!
twiggy@thedirtlife said...

this was a great reminder!! thank you.

AND, you went to tokyo for valentines day?? so jealous.

Erin Kate said...

Looks like an amazing time!! Cute hat too! :)

 Amy said...

I tweeted at you, but I wanted to tell you here, too, how much this meant to me! THANK YOU first of all for reading at all in the first place. Thank you again for writing such an inspiring post. I was feeling discouraged about my revolution, and you gave me just what I needed. Thank you so much! PS--you're GORGEOUS! You better keep doing those outfit posts. :)

Danica V. said...

Thank you for referring me to the Self-Love movement posts! I've started to read them and am in love with the mission...far too many girls and women don't celebrate themselves nearly as much as they should.

I agree with Amy - keep at those outfit posts, they're awesome!

And Tokyo looks amazing - you had so many cool experiences! One of my friends did those enlarged-eye photo booth things too...they're cool aren't they?

Sandy a la Mode said...

love the heart hat and photobooth stickers!!

JustSandy said...

You're a very lucky woman, Sarah, to have such a good man in your life. Nay, to have a good husband for life. :)


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

thanks for sharing your thought process! you were right one, girl.

and totally loved the japan pics. i lived there for 4 years and YES, those sticker picture machines are the coolest!

miss teacups. said...

I'm SO glad to hear that my post hit home for's a daily battle that us girls deal with (and boys too!) but I definitely am well on my way to loving my body and I hope you are too! You look great in that outfit, shorts and tights are my favourite, especially with boots! I'm so envious that you got to visit looks amazing and I know I'd spend way more than I should on Hello Kitty things, hehe :)

PS: You have loooovely hair!!

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