Tokyo Recap Part 2

Just out of curiosity, how do your store your clothes? Hanging up in the closet? Folded in a dresser? Folded on your shelves in your closet?

Mine are mostly all folded on shelves. Very nicely. Clothes come out of a toasty dryer and are folded to avoid wrinkles. I only use hangers for items that will wrinkle if folded.

My reasoning is that it drives me crazy bonkers when clothes fall off hangers. I would rather iron clothes than have them fall off hangers. This may sound a teeny bit extreme, but yeah, that's just how I am.

Now that I have that off my chest, let me show you some more pictures from our trip.

The Bandai Building, next to our hotel, had lots of statues of it's various mascots. It was fun taking pictures with them. Actually, each time we walked by, it seemed there were always people taking pictures here. Fun times are had outside the the Bandai Building!

One morning we had breakfast at this cute cafe called Ko Hi Kan. It was so yummy! Aaron had a roasted chicken sandwich with egg salad sandwich, and I had cinnamon toast with syrup and whip topping. It was a fun way to start the morning.

The name of the place is kind of a play on words: "Koh-hee" is how the Japanese pronounce coffee, and "kan" is best described as "a place of" (for example: a theater is "eigakan". Eiga = movie, kan= place of. A place of movies is a theater). So Ko Hi Kan is "a place of coffee". Pretty neat huh?

A good chunk of our time was spent in Akihabara, which is filled with people, games, anime, people, figures, video games, people (lol), electronics, and themed restaurants galore! What's really cool is how deceivingly large stores are here. They may be only 15-20 feet wide, but they have multiple stories (some as many as eight!). It was fun/interesting getting around these types of stores.

We passed many beautiful temples on our walks through Tokyo. This one was one of the larger ones we passed. I think we actually ended up taking pictures of every one we went by.

When we went out with Sam, we stopped at this nice place by Senso-ji Temple for soba and ramen. In a lot of places, especially ones that are owned and operated by an individual, you order and pay at a vending machine then take the ticket it gives you to the cook who then prepares and serves you your food. Most restaurants have examples of their meals on display so you can see the various foods that place offers, and the corresponding number next to the meals makes ordering on the vending machine pretty easy.

After dinner, we all went to this incredible place called "Figaro's". It's a small bar that holds 12 people, plus 3 at the bar, great mood lighting, with jazz music playing in the background, and the nicest/smiling bald bar tender I've ever seen. He was excited that we came to his little place, and we had a chance to chat back and forth in English and Japanese. I wish we had places like Figaro's where we live.

Then we went to this tiny little bar called "Usagi" (which means "rabbit") on the fifth floor of a building you would miss if you blinked. It was owned by this hilarious old couple, which made this already "home-y" place even better. We are definitely not the type of people who go out and "party" but we were in Japan and with a friend, so we figured why not live it up a little? *Cheers!*

The next day was the day we went to Wonder Festival, which I will save for another post. This one is already pretty long! Thanks for hanging in there and making it through this post. *^_^* Have a great President's Day!
Anonymous said...

That would be such an incredible trip. I don't know that I could be so adventurous in such a foreign place. I have a hard time doing that in the city I live and we've been here almost a year!

Nonetheless, it's beautiful! Your hanger covers are adorable :)

I hang a ton of my clothes, it's preferred. If they risk falling off I fold them. We have mostly drawers and closets but I've done shelves before in previous houses.


ginanorma said...

WOW I can't imagine being in Japan, how incredible. We had an exchange student from Tokyo a few summers ago and she was so so sweet.
Were you there for pleasure or business?

those hangers are AHdorable, you should totally do a post on making those!!! welcome home and thanks for sharing these great pics!

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