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There have been a few things that I have been thinking on a lot lately that I feel like sharing. Maybe it'll help me get over some of it, get you hyped about some of it, and the rest we'll just laugh at together. When I hopped onto Blogger this morning I was so happy to see that Jess from Jeans and a Tiara posted a post similar to this one yesterday. So I'm not the only one here who's got something she wants to get off her chest. ;D

First off... this baby. I love him. I'm obsessed with him. I want to spend every waking hour with him. And then during all the sleeping hours we'll snuggle. I might have mentioned this in my last post. He's just so great! He spent this morning not nursing but looking at me and laughing and talking. Gah! Love it! Being a mom is so awesome!

I've been spending my spare time the last few days making custom t shirts for myself, using freezer paper and soft fabric paint. It's so much fun and so easy! I've made three so far.

I'm still figuring things out: like how to to position them well (so far they are great attention-getters for my boobs)(which I'm totally "meh" about because my boobs are lopsided right now thanks to the baby), how thick I should make the stencils, and getting them on straight (so far their all slightly slanted one way or the other). It's a lot of fun and I'm enjoying thrifting shirts to make personal ones. The first and third shirts are inspired by my favorite Japanese wrestler, Shinsuke Nakamura. The second shirt is the Final Fantasy XI town in-game my character is from.

This is a face I've been making a lot to myself lately because of my unending desire for Cheetos and homemade crispy chocolate chip cookies. I want to eat them. All of them. Not necessarily together. But I'm weak and I can't just have one. I want them all. Then there's the new drink at Starbuck's I'm hooked on~ ice coffee w/soy and the dark caramel sauce. Seriously, just hook an IV up to me please and keep that stuff coming!

A couple days ago I kinda spammed my feed with pictures and a video from the movie Austenland. As if I wasn't already a huge fan of Jane Austen, and anything (and everything!) JA related, this movie made me even more so. My Tumblr feed is flooded with all things Austenland, but mostly of Mr. Nobley. Colin Firth is amazing and all, but JJ Feild takes the cake. Easily.

Seriously. Cake. He's got it all. Hmm? What is that you just said, little voice inside my head?

*ahem* Well anyways. If you don't like swooning definitely don't go check my Tumblr feed. I might have spent way too long just now liking, reposting, and saving a bajillion pictures and gifs.

Now the little voice inside my head is telling me to stop wasting time and get back to work. Boo. Ok we'll pick this up another day.

Happy Wednesday friends!!



Every moment I look into Dean's eyes I want to live in that moment. That perfect moment.

Did you ever see the move Star Trek Insurrection? Captain Picard and his lady share in a moment where time slow down almost entirely. It's beautiful. That's what I think about when I'm with my baby. I try to memorize everything, every detail, in that point in time. Try to slow things down so I'll never forget it.

That's totally cheese-tastic, and cliche, but it's totally true. It's one reason why I haven't been posting much here~ I want to spend every waking moment staring into my baby's soul.   O.O

Was that intense sounding?   Lol, I might be a little hardcore and obsessed with my baby.  Next week Dean will be two months old, and I can hardly fathom it. Time has flown by so fast and so slow all at the same time! I just can't get enough of this little guy.  He's been doing so many things!

He's been trying to lift his head for over a month now.  People are amazed when they see him moving his neck and head.  While his neck isn't ready for tummy time yet, he's working on it.

He's kicking his legs like it's nobody's business.  He's his father's son no doubt.  Aaron's mom told me that Aaron was climbing out of his crib at around 12 months.  That's a terrifying though considering how mich he enjoys being held up standing and kicking off.  A bouncy saucer toy is in our near future I'm sure.

He has started cooing back when you talk to him. Today he had this long one sided conversation with my Dad. My dad, mom, aunt, and I all just watched as he went on and on, cooing and awe-ing and laughing. Oh my gosh it was the cutest thing ever!!

Dean has also started swinging at and hanging onto the dangling toys we put on his carseat and bouncer.  For some reason I didn't expect this so soon, I don't know why.

Maybe it's because I forget he's only seven weeks old.  Maybe I need to do more reading up on babies.  Either way, this baby is hogging up all my time and I love it.  So on that note, I'm going to go curl up in bed and watch him sleep while I attempt to read.

Nite nite everyone!  <3

P.S.  My friend Eve is doing a giveaway in her blog for some super awesome looking face masks.  Go check her out:

Awesome Poofy Hairstyle Video To My Sister

My sisters and I have been going to the same hair stylist for 14 years. This gal knows us and our hair inside and out. We trust her wholeheartedly when it comes to our hair so when my sister decided to chop off her long hair for a drastically short look, she didn't worry about it at all. Her hair was about as long as mine is, and she's now rocking this awesome look:

The sides are super short and the top is long so she can swoop, tease, curl... really do whatever she wants and it'll look awesome. Our stylist knows that I used to make make-up tutorials on Youtube so she joked that I should do a video for my sister on how to do her hair as a reference and for fun. My sister agreed, so I made a cheese-tastic video for her, pretending like she was right there. I pinned the sides and back of my hair in a low french twist and left the same amount of hair that my sister has out to style.

What do you think? Pretty cheese-tastic, huh? Yeah, but it's all good. I had fun and my sister liked it so that's all that matters. Originally, I was thinking about just emailing her a simple & quick video but this one ended up being a bit long so I just uploaded it to Youtube. I made some really funny faces while I'm doing my hair. It's something I never noticed before, but apparently I do this a lot. (Aaron confirmed this to be true lol!)

She liked this video so much she wants me to make another one for a curly hairstyle. I'm currently working on some styles that I think would make a good video, so maybe I'll get that recorded here sometime in the next week or so. Talking in the video like I'm talking directly to my sister made me feel so not shy as I did in previous videos I've done, so I think I'll probably do that again. It will definitely be just as cheese-tastic, because that's what I do, haha!

On the topic of making a new video, I've been tossing the idea of doing more make up tutorial videos. Which do you prefer: tutorial in video or picture form? I like both types just fine, so I'm down to making either. Let me know what you think! ♥

New Things

Dean turned seven weeks old yesterday. It really is incredible how fast time flies. That sounds so cliche but, man, is it true! So many things have happened recently, I haven't even tried to blog about it~ it was just all coming so fast. Mastering the Blogger app and/or mastering posting by email is a big goal for me in the near future. I don't want Instagram to be the only place that is up to date with my goings on.

To sum things up: we finished organizing the Magic cards, I dyed my hair, we had to put Rinoa down, I've read three books, we bought a new cat, Dean has learned to smile and is starting to coo, and the movie Austenland is my new obsession. (#betterthanmrdarcy)


We're also working on a new schedule to help us get back to feeling like we have a normal life. I had no idea how insanely hard running a store and having an infant would be. We just assumed I'd bounce back into the swing of things a few weeks after the baby was born and Dean would just live in a BabyBjorn hanging on my front. Turns out that's just not happening. Nursing a baby is our biggest hurdle and one that is fairly frustrating.

I wonder how other mama's manage to go back to work, and not get emotional and insanely engorged and leaky. The emotional part I'm getting the hang of, but how to other ladies find time to nurse or pump in the middle of the day? Especially if they work in retail?! I mean, I just don't see how it's possible without a ton of help. Lucky for me, I'm my own boss, and Aaron covers for me when I have the means to nurse or pump. Now I just need to figure out how to always have the means to (at least) pump during the day. Anyone have any tips? I would L O V E the advice!

Well it's 2:47am and while I wanted to write more, it's time for bed. *night night*

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