Awesome Poofy Hairstyle Video To My Sister

My sisters and I have been going to the same hair stylist for 14 years. This gal knows us and our hair inside and out. We trust her wholeheartedly when it comes to our hair so when my sister decided to chop off her long hair for a drastically short look, she didn't worry about it at all. Her hair was about as long as mine is, and she's now rocking this awesome look:

The sides are super short and the top is long so she can swoop, tease, curl... really do whatever she wants and it'll look awesome. Our stylist knows that I used to make make-up tutorials on Youtube so she joked that I should do a video for my sister on how to do her hair as a reference and for fun. My sister agreed, so I made a cheese-tastic video for her, pretending like she was right there. I pinned the sides and back of my hair in a low french twist and left the same amount of hair that my sister has out to style.

What do you think? Pretty cheese-tastic, huh? Yeah, but it's all good. I had fun and my sister liked it so that's all that matters. Originally, I was thinking about just emailing her a simple & quick video but this one ended up being a bit long so I just uploaded it to Youtube. I made some really funny faces while I'm doing my hair. It's something I never noticed before, but apparently I do this a lot. (Aaron confirmed this to be true lol!)

She liked this video so much she wants me to make another one for a curly hairstyle. I'm currently working on some styles that I think would make a good video, so maybe I'll get that recorded here sometime in the next week or so. Talking in the video like I'm talking directly to my sister made me feel so not shy as I did in previous videos I've done, so I think I'll probably do that again. It will definitely be just as cheese-tastic, because that's what I do, haha!

On the topic of making a new video, I've been tossing the idea of doing more make up tutorial videos. Which do you prefer: tutorial in video or picture form? I like both types just fine, so I'm down to making either. Let me know what you think! ♥
Eve C said...

The video is super fun & it's super natural. I prefer both types of tutorials too, but it depends sometimes video visuals are easier to follow. That hairstyle makes and gives you look such a different look in a good way.
I'm really bad(lazy) with my hair. I think I definitely need to expand hairstyles other than just tying my hair in a bun lol.
I'd love to see some long hairstyle tutorials if you plan to do more!

KnittedFox said...

Hey Eve! Maybe I'll do a video for this cute simple half up twisted hair style. I typically don't do much with my hair, other than curling it, but when I do do something with it, it's pretty simple. I think you mught like it. :D

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