CUTIE Magazines Tutorials #2

It's universally known that I am really easily distracted. This morning I should have gotten myself out of bed, but I noticed Rinoa was sticking out from under the blankets so we had some cuddle time. What should have taken me 15-20 minutes to put away the stack on NES games has taken me a lot longer because I ran across Shutterbean's blog and became instantly obsessed with some of her recipes. (Tomato Butter! .:. Spicy Zucchini Fritatta! .:. Basil Infused Oil! Oh my!) There's a few other things but I'm distracting myself from my post...

At first, I thought that this look was no big deal. Once I started doing the eye shadow and realized this was super different. The color on the eyelid was darker than what I'm used to, and it also does a cat's eye going down, not up! The cool thing is is that it doesn't make your eyes look droopy. At least I don't think so.

It's subtle, but can you notice the downward cat's eye? Subtly is one of the things I've noticed about how a lot (I'll be as bold as to say most) Japanese gals go about their makeup. That's probably one reason why they tend to be thought of as always being beautiful. I've noticed that blush is typically the only makeup they go "heavy" on.

Here is my attempt at this look. Since my skin is dry, I didn't add as much blush because I don't have any cream blush atm. Kinda wish I had some though.

(Confession: I'm not wearing any eyeliner. None. Crazy!)

Start out with the EYES, do your foundation/powder routine like normal. Focusing on the 8 pictures on the far left:

1. Use a light pink eyeshadow, A, and apply under your eyes and in the inner corner of your eyes.
2. Apply a taupe eyeshadow, B, to your eyelid.
3. With a skinny applicator or brush, lightly line the outer third of your upper lashes with brownish/dark taupe color, C.
4. Apply C to the bottom third of your outer lashes making an outward and slightly downward angle cat eye. Start by making a small cat eye if you are unsure of how it will turn out. It's easier to add more make up than take it off. Keep it fairly subtle so your eyes don't look like they're drooping.
5. & 6. Curl your upper and lower lashes with a curler. Personally, I skip this part.
7. Apply mascara, F, the eye areas where you have the brown eyeshadow.
8. Apply fake eyelashes if you so desire. Also something I skipped.

The two bottom right pictures are for applying brow mascara. We'll leave that part out for now.

The right two pictures are for the CHEEKS. To be honest, I've never seen blush applied this way. But since this is so different from my norm I was eager to try it.

1. Using a very light pink blush and/or eyeshadow, D, apply along your upper cheekbone area.
2. With a bit darker pink blush, E, apply in a sideways v shape with the bottom pointed towards your nose. To be honest, I'm not sure sure what this is supposed to accomplish, but it didn't look bad so I'm just going with it. Maybe to make your cheeks look round?

Now for LIPS. Since I'm not a huge gloss fan, I only used one type of gloss instead of two- I applied a light pink lipstick and topped it with sheer pink gloss. In the picture above, she applied a light pink gloss with a sheer gloss on top, making sure not to get any gloss in the V of her upper lip.

For the HAIR, it's a simple sideways swoop secured with bobby pins and a bow.

That's that! What do you guys think? There were a few subtle differences in how I do my makeup, but I think they ended up looking nice. Any thoughts? Comments?

This will probably be the last one I do from this issue. I'm thinking about going through some of my older magazines and seeing what other tutorials I can find. Any suggestions of what might be cool to see here? Let me know k?!

Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their Monday!

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We've Been Trotting For A Year!

I have news! Big hews! KnittedFot Trot and been up for a year! I missed the one year anniversary last month... oops! Well let's make up for that shall we?! How about we do it with a giveaway!

Grand prize: A knitting kit to make your own Ellie Beanie! This includes knitting needles, two skeins of Vanna White yarn, cute scissors and measuring tape I picked up in Tokyo, a vintage crochet hook, and a holder for all this cute stuff!

Two runner's up will get: knitting needles, measuring tape, and cute scissors from Tokyo.

The excitement is so much~ I vlogged! I'm so awkward... xD

To win, enter one or all of the following ways:

Way #1: Follow KnittedFox Trot with Google Friend Connect and leave a comment saying you did that. If you already follow KFT, leave a comment saying so.

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Way #3: Retweet my giveaway tweet and let me know here.

If you do all three of these that's three entries for you to win! No pressure to do them all, but props if you do. d^____________^b All entries will be put into a hat and drawn by either Aaron or Rinoa (although it will probably be Aaron) on Sept 8th.

Thank you to all my readers for the last year of laughs, hugs, emails, packages, notes, and fun! ♥♥♥♥♥

CUTIE Magazine Makeup and Hair Tutorials

CUTIE magazine makes me feel saucy.

It gives me a shoulders-back-chin-up-I'm-glowing-with-confidence feeling. A Pchhh!I can rock that look as good (if not better) than that model feeling. A "Yeah, you can sign me up to be the 10th member of GIRLS GENERATION. No worries."

Haha ok so I'm being totally silly, but I'm honest when I say this magazine gives me confidence. It gives me means to recreate looks that I think are super cute everyday. I don't have to have a makeup artist to make me look as good as the gals in magazines. CUTIE tells you everything from which brands, shades, and techniques to make you look and feel your best based on your facial structure and tones. How is that not just so cool?!

Forgive the low quality pictures. My real camera died seconds after I turned it on, so my trusty iPod had to do all the heavy lifting... I'll be more prepared in the future, k?

There were so many makeup and hair tutorials in this issue I wanted to try a bunch of them out and show you guys what I thought. This look immediately grabbed my attention because it's similar to my "every day" makeup look. The way the dark eye shadow and blush are applied are a bit different. It's a subtle difference, but it turned out pretty cute. For future CUTIE makeup trials, I plan on doing ones that are a lot different from my norm.

While I know you can follow picture directions, here's written ones just for clarification. Please note that I can't read Japanese very well (kanji, not at all) so this is just my interpretation. If someone knows better than I, I am eager to learn, so feel free to let me know. :D

So starting with the EYES, going from the right of the page and going left, focusing on just the nine far right pictures:

Start out with a clean and moisturized face.
1. With A (light pink eye shadow) apply under the entire under-eye area.
2. Apply A over your entire eye lid.
3. Using either a skinny brush or the skinny part of an applicator (or the tip of a clean finger, which is what I did), apply B (a dark brown eye shadow) just in the lower outer corner, maybe 1/3rd of the way across.
4. Using the same skinny brush, apply B across your entire eyelid, making sure to keep the line pretty skinny.
5. (Optional step) Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. I don't use them but I know gals who swear by them.
6. With C very lightly line your under eye along the outer 1/3rd of your eye, just like the eye shadow.
7. Line across your upper eyelid with C. (I didn't do this because eyeliner across my entire eye isn't very flattering, so I just did my outer corner).
8. Coat your upper lashes with mascara D.

For the CHEEKS, from the two upper left pictures:
Please check out this post for where to apply blush to your cheeks depending on your facial structure. About 2/3rd of the way down you'll see a diagram that is a great help.
1. Apply E to the appropriate places on your cheeks.
2. Apply F to your outermost parts of your cheekbones, blending lightly up towards your temples.

As for LIPS, I didn't have a close enough color gloss to what they used, so I just used a pale pink gloss (G) and skipped the clear coat.

Everyone loves a good top-knot right? I mean, I totally do! They're so easy, super quick, and fun! Especially if you add a cute hair accessory like a Mini Sunbow. :3

For the TOPKNOT starting from right to left again:
1. Gather and secure your hair high up on your head.
2. Twist your hair.
3. Wrap it around in a slightly loose bun.
4. Secure with bobby pins.
5. Lightly pull on random strands of hair. This gives the bun a more full and playful look. We're not going for a tight ballerina's bun. Give your bun some texture!
6. Secure with more bobby pins.
7. Fluff a little more and spray with finishing spray.

Hope you guys liked this post. I know it's long, but I hope it was informative. Is there sometime I could focus more/less on? Any thoughts? Requests? I do have a nicely sized backlog of these magazines so if there's a hair style you want to know how to do, I can see if I can find it. d^___^b

Happy Thursday friends!!

Seattle Shenanigans

Here's the scenario~

Your sister and her hubby are planning on a getaway weekend (without the baby) for a Seattle Sounders game. Shortly after they buy tickets for that, they find out Polica is in town the night before and decide to make it a full weekend. Around the same time, you decide to buy tickets to go to a Mariner's game that same weekend. What do you do when you both find out you're going to be in Seattle for the same weekend?

You all go together of course!

I'm so happy we found out we were all going to be in Seattle the same weekend. We got a hotel across the street from both Safeco and Quest Field, which was so very convenient! The International District is about a five minute walk, GameWorks was about a 30 minute walk, and the Polica venue was a bit farther. Basically it was all perfect!

First off, we had a powwow to figure out how to get from the hotel to the venue. It was a bit of a hike but we were cool with that since Pyramid Alehouse and GameWorks was on the way.

Then Aaron decided, out of nowhere, I needed to be dealt with. Thus he applied a unique leg lock on me before he broke out the Lebell Lock. (Guess who didn't tap out- yeah, that's right, me!)

Aaron and I didn't have plans that night so we decided to check out Polica (we had never heard of them before this trip). It was neat but wayyyyyyyyyy too hot so we snuck out a little early.

The next day after the soccer game, we went to the International District and hung out at this little festival they were having outside Uwajimaya. My sister was nibbling on a tasty little ricecake while her hubby enjoyed some takoyaki.

No Japanese festival is complete without decorative masks. Aaron couldn't resist the Ultraman one. *shhhhwatch!!!*

My little sister and I. It's hard to believe she's not 15 anymore, going to every single Christian concert that rolled through town with me, playing N64 until we got stomach aches, and all the other fun things sisters do together. ♥

Of course we hit up Pink Gorilla Games~ because we love them. I grabbed an import GameBoy game, and Aaron picked up the Worms 2 soundtrack.

Safeco was as beautiful as always. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold, and *cough*vegan*cough* hotdogs were yummy in my tummy, and the Mariner's won the first game we've been to in TWO YEARS! Great night was great!

There's something in the air at Safeco which prevents bad pictures from being taken. I think it's just the beautiful stadium and it's awesome lighting. Or something, lol!

The cherry on top of it all was we went to Samurai Noodles for the most amazing *cough*vegan*cough* breakfast of Tounyu (soy broth) ramen with konnyaku noodles. OMGoodness! It was almost like being in Tokyo again!! Pretty sure this place will be visited on a regular basis on future trips to Seattle. Especially PAX weekend.

My loot from the trip. The latest issue of CUTIE magazine was awesome so look forward to another post filled with Japanese hair and makeup tutorials. I'm thinking about even trying out the looks myself and posting about them. :3

I hope everyone else had a super enjoyable weekend! [waves]

Awkward and Awesome Thursday v2

■ Almost but not quite yelling matches at meetings. Especially when you are the only person (other than the two shouting) who knows what is going on.
■ Knowing my secretary position for the shopping center's BID is up on October, and realizing I hope I get reelected.
■ Being told I was "on crack" by a customer before they left the store in a huff, only to have that same customer come back 30 minutes later and is all cool and happy.
■ Finding out that the black and white tank I'm wearing is actually navy blue and white. Hopefully no one will notice my black tank underneath.

Shh... don't tell anyone, k?

■ Looking forward to shinanigans with Aaron, my sister and her husband at Gameworks and a Mariner's game.
■ Having a friend who texts me regularly. I've never had someone text me just for before. It's pretty darn neat!!
■ Reconnecting with a neighboring business owner I haven't talked to in a year. She's suuuuch a smart cookie and I really look to her for smart business advice.
■ King Felix pitching a PERFECT game yesterday. It's only the 23rd perfect game in the history of baseball! About .006% of all baseball games played since 1900 have been perfect games. Those numbers are astonishing! I ♥ baseball!

Best Of ~ For Realz!

Monday is for making faces.

Faces for happiness, gratefulness, goofiness, and silliness. There are more reasons to make faces, but these are the reasons for mine today.

All these reasons should shine through my face each day. All my happiness. All my gratefulness. My wish is that everyone would be able to see my silliness and goofiness and know just how happy and grateful I am.

Sometimes I let things get in between me and my wish. Sometimes I let my stubbornness get the best of me. Which is such a dumb thing to do. Why should I do that?! Why would I do that?

I am so happy and grateful for what I have in my life. Every single person and thing I have in my life is a blessing. I never have the words I want to express just how happy and appreciative of my life. Until the day I find those words, I'm going to keep trotting and bumbling along.

This is where a good segue should go. Something about how I "bumbled" around my blog and found more detailed stat tracking for my blog. These new details showed me that I was wrong on that "Best Of" post I did the other day. Not just wrong but 100% wrong. When I wrote that post I was looking at the stats for that day, not all time. Oops.

So, for realz this time~ here are the best of all time posts here on KnittedFox Trot (aka the posts with the most traffic).

.:. I Need a New Toothbrush
.:. Beige/Blue/Silver Eye Shadow Tutorial
.:. Fashion Friday v6 + New Ami Cowl
.:. What Are You Doing New Years, New Years Eve?
.:. New Pattern ~ Sunbow
.:. New Pattern ~ Ellie Beanie
.:. Intarsia Knitting
.:. New Pattern ~ Three Color Bunting
.:. An Upcycled Rug Story
.:. Terrarium Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone! Don't let anything get between you and your happy shine, ok!? ♥

A Week In Instagram

Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully everyone is having a delightful weekend.

Sunday's are my one full day off so I am enjoying it to the fullest! Hanging out with Aaron, eating yummy food, playing video games, might watch some baseball later, skunk Aaron in Cribbage again... hehe! Good Sunday is GOOD!

I have seen many other bloggers (like Contemplating Beauty, Nearsighted Owl and Dainty Squid) do posts like this and with as much as I use IG, I thought I would start doing a weekly recap also.

Here's some pictures from last week:

1 new nail stickers 2 the local hockey team's mascot stopped by the store
3 homemade curry dinner 4 snacking and playing games
5 the view of the ceiling from my couch 6 making it rain PAX badges

Now for this week:

1 me rocking a super cool R2D2 Mickey Mouse hat 2 Lando squared trying to make moves on Yukiko
3 Aaron's big bento lunch 4 Rinoa curled up in my blanket
5 biking to "Romancing of the Stone" 6 Final Fantasy XI chip tunes album
7 my pork bun bento (a bun-to???) 8 playing cribbage at Family Dinner Night
9 Millhiore Biscotti 10 a late night fire at my sister-in-law's

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! We have a nice day of laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, biking, and game playing ahead of us. Woot!

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