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Happy Monday everyone!

I had started writing a post yesterday, but the tragedy in Wisconsin made it hard to me to concentrate, let alone hang around the computer. Between that and Curiosity's landing on Mars, I'm having troubles keeping it together.

What I have been able to keep together are my nails. Seriously, where have nail stickers been all my life? All the hours I have spent painting and waiting for my nails to dry (only to have them smudge later that day). All the money I have spent in good nail polish that supposedly "quick drys"... ugh! Nail stickers have been the tear free way to pretty nails for me. LOVE THEM!

These ones are by Sally Hansen that I picked up at Rite-Aid. These are my third set of nail stickers, and I have high hopes for them. With maintenance, they'll last upwards of three weeks, which is twice as long as the box says they'll last.

By maintenance, I mean putting a top coat on them fairly regularly. My nails peel and break fairly regularly so every few day's I'll put a top coat on the places that look like it needs it.

These ones are by KISS Nail Dress and I also picked these up at Rite-Aid. The neat thing about this brand, is that there's enough stickers to do both your finger nails and your toe nails. What this means for me, is I have replacements for if/when I need to replace one on my finger. These stickers are definitely thicker than Sally Hansen which means they won't tear easy, (this also means it's hard to get them to stretch to fit my nails).

I received so many compliments on these stickers. Random lady customers would comment on them, servers at restaurants, tellers at the bank. I was tempted to buy more of these so I could just always wear them. When I went back to Rite-Aid they didn't have them, but I might just have to track them down at Ulta or Target.

These Sally Hansen ones are from the spring line, but I've still seen them floating around at various places. These were super cute and I loved wearing them. These lasted about 3 weeks also.

From someone who can't manage to keep polish on my nails for longer than a few hours with out them falling off, cracking, smudging, I can't fawn over these stickers more. Each set ran me about $10-ish which is totally worth it. They are quick to put on, they last for weeks, and they come in sooo many cute colors and patterns. If you haven't tried them I highly recommend them!

Do you have a favorite nail brand or technique? I'd love to know my fellow bloggers keep their nails looking super cute!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!
Erin Kate said...

Adorable! I love the pink polka dots.

skye said...

these are so so cute! i love them all. i've never tried nail stickers but think i'm gonna have to give them a go now :) xx

Adrian said...

I have yet to try out nail stickers. I'm going to have to give it a shot soon! Yours turned out lovely!

Eve said...

Nail Stickers never work for me.

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