New Pattern Alert ~ Mini Bunting Pattern

So, funny story. I knitted up, photographed, and wrote up the patterns for the Tri-colored Bunting, the Ellie beanie, and this Mini Bunting all at the same time. For some reason, I lost the pattern for the Mini Bunting. And by "lost" I mean, I looked right past the folder EVERY TIME I WENT LOOKING FOR IT. Amazingly, it was right where I left it, in my "pattern" folder, next to the other two patterns. Weird!

Thank goodness I found it so I can now release the pattern to you! Yay!!

You can grab the PDF here, here, or here. Enjoy!
Eve said...

the minis are cute!!!

ginanorma said...

it's absolutely adorable to the max! I love that you picked green, my favorite color:)

Erin Kate said...

Too cute!

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