Best Of ~ For Realz!

Monday is for making faces.

Faces for happiness, gratefulness, goofiness, and silliness. There are more reasons to make faces, but these are the reasons for mine today.

All these reasons should shine through my face each day. All my happiness. All my gratefulness. My wish is that everyone would be able to see my silliness and goofiness and know just how happy and grateful I am.

Sometimes I let things get in between me and my wish. Sometimes I let my stubbornness get the best of me. Which is such a dumb thing to do. Why should I do that?! Why would I do that?

I am so happy and grateful for what I have in my life. Every single person and thing I have in my life is a blessing. I never have the words I want to express just how happy and appreciative of my life. Until the day I find those words, I'm going to keep trotting and bumbling along.

This is where a good segue should go. Something about how I "bumbled" around my blog and found more detailed stat tracking for my blog. These new details showed me that I was wrong on that "Best Of" post I did the other day. Not just wrong but 100% wrong. When I wrote that post I was looking at the stats for that day, not all time. Oops.

So, for realz this time~ here are the best of all time posts here on KnittedFox Trot (aka the posts with the most traffic).

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.:. New Pattern ~ Sunbow
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.:. Intarsia Knitting
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.:. An Upcycled Rug Story
.:. Terrarium Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone! Don't let anything get between you and your happy shine, ok!? ♥
ginanorma said...

Sarah this is so sweet and inspirational, you are so right, why let those things get in our way, we can't let life get the best of us in negative ways! You are such a sweetheart.
And I think I need to do a photo feed like you do, a little collection of faces:) It would be liberating!

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