CUTIE Magazines Tutorials #2

It's universally known that I am really easily distracted. This morning I should have gotten myself out of bed, but I noticed Rinoa was sticking out from under the blankets so we had some cuddle time. What should have taken me 15-20 minutes to put away the stack on NES games has taken me a lot longer because I ran across Shutterbean's blog and became instantly obsessed with some of her recipes. (Tomato Butter! .:. Spicy Zucchini Fritatta! .:. Basil Infused Oil! Oh my!) There's a few other things but I'm distracting myself from my post...

At first, I thought that this look was no big deal. Once I started doing the eye shadow and realized this was super different. The color on the eyelid was darker than what I'm used to, and it also does a cat's eye going down, not up! The cool thing is is that it doesn't make your eyes look droopy. At least I don't think so.

It's subtle, but can you notice the downward cat's eye? Subtly is one of the things I've noticed about how a lot (I'll be as bold as to say most) Japanese gals go about their makeup. That's probably one reason why they tend to be thought of as always being beautiful. I've noticed that blush is typically the only makeup they go "heavy" on.

Here is my attempt at this look. Since my skin is dry, I didn't add as much blush because I don't have any cream blush atm. Kinda wish I had some though.

(Confession: I'm not wearing any eyeliner. None. Crazy!)

Start out with the EYES, do your foundation/powder routine like normal. Focusing on the 8 pictures on the far left:

1. Use a light pink eyeshadow, A, and apply under your eyes and in the inner corner of your eyes.
2. Apply a taupe eyeshadow, B, to your eyelid.
3. With a skinny applicator or brush, lightly line the outer third of your upper lashes with brownish/dark taupe color, C.
4. Apply C to the bottom third of your outer lashes making an outward and slightly downward angle cat eye. Start by making a small cat eye if you are unsure of how it will turn out. It's easier to add more make up than take it off. Keep it fairly subtle so your eyes don't look like they're drooping.
5. & 6. Curl your upper and lower lashes with a curler. Personally, I skip this part.
7. Apply mascara, F, the eye areas where you have the brown eyeshadow.
8. Apply fake eyelashes if you so desire. Also something I skipped.

The two bottom right pictures are for applying brow mascara. We'll leave that part out for now.

The right two pictures are for the CHEEKS. To be honest, I've never seen blush applied this way. But since this is so different from my norm I was eager to try it.

1. Using a very light pink blush and/or eyeshadow, D, apply along your upper cheekbone area.
2. With a bit darker pink blush, E, apply in a sideways v shape with the bottom pointed towards your nose. To be honest, I'm not sure sure what this is supposed to accomplish, but it didn't look bad so I'm just going with it. Maybe to make your cheeks look round?

Now for LIPS. Since I'm not a huge gloss fan, I only used one type of gloss instead of two- I applied a light pink lipstick and topped it with sheer pink gloss. In the picture above, she applied a light pink gloss with a sheer gloss on top, making sure not to get any gloss in the V of her upper lip.

For the HAIR, it's a simple sideways swoop secured with bobby pins and a bow.

That's that! What do you guys think? There were a few subtle differences in how I do my makeup, but I think they ended up looking nice. Any thoughts? Comments?

This will probably be the last one I do from this issue. I'm thinking about going through some of my older magazines and seeing what other tutorials I can find. Any suggestions of what might be cool to see here? Let me know k?!

Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their Monday!

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Crissy said...

I have got to try out that downward cat's eye.

eve said...

This is one of my favorite styles, when I do this, I usually skip the eyeliner all together. Easy for work and lazy me. LOL
You totally make me miss Japanese beauty mooks.

ginanorma said...

oooh cute and pretty, I like these ideas!

btw--what kind of shop do you and your hubby own? I keep forgetting to ask!

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