More Bentos

When we were in Tokyo, I went into this little kitchen shop by myself and bought these "Tokyo Sky Tree" bento boxes. They were actually inside each other, so I thought I was only getting one. The nice little old lady told me there was three, and I actually understood her. xD I told her so and that I walked by the Sky Tree the day before and she understood me. He husband walked over and the three of us talked about how cool and big the Sky Tree was. Talk about an awesome experience! *^_^*

Homemade pesto and pasta, meat/cheese/crackers, and veggies. Mmmm!

Pretzels and red pepper hummus, and homemade pickles. Oh my, these pickles are so tangy at first, then get SPICY. Wooooo~ hot!

Are there any particular foods you like to pack in lunches? Any special lunch foods that are your favorite to make?

Off topic real quick: I should really learn to check the billboard for the venue around the corner so I can make sure I have a second person here on show nights. I"M SLAMMED- GTG! Happy weekend friends!!

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