CUTIE Magazine Makeup and Hair Tutorials

CUTIE magazine makes me feel saucy.

It gives me a shoulders-back-chin-up-I'm-glowing-with-confidence feeling. A Pchhh!I can rock that look as good (if not better) than that model feeling. A "Yeah, you can sign me up to be the 10th member of GIRLS GENERATION. No worries."

Haha ok so I'm being totally silly, but I'm honest when I say this magazine gives me confidence. It gives me means to recreate looks that I think are super cute everyday. I don't have to have a makeup artist to make me look as good as the gals in magazines. CUTIE tells you everything from which brands, shades, and techniques to make you look and feel your best based on your facial structure and tones. How is that not just so cool?!

Forgive the low quality pictures. My real camera died seconds after I turned it on, so my trusty iPod had to do all the heavy lifting... I'll be more prepared in the future, k?

There were so many makeup and hair tutorials in this issue I wanted to try a bunch of them out and show you guys what I thought. This look immediately grabbed my attention because it's similar to my "every day" makeup look. The way the dark eye shadow and blush are applied are a bit different. It's a subtle difference, but it turned out pretty cute. For future CUTIE makeup trials, I plan on doing ones that are a lot different from my norm.

While I know you can follow picture directions, here's written ones just for clarification. Please note that I can't read Japanese very well (kanji, not at all) so this is just my interpretation. If someone knows better than I, I am eager to learn, so feel free to let me know. :D

So starting with the EYES, going from the right of the page and going left, focusing on just the nine far right pictures:

Start out with a clean and moisturized face.
1. With A (light pink eye shadow) apply under the entire under-eye area.
2. Apply A over your entire eye lid.
3. Using either a skinny brush or the skinny part of an applicator (or the tip of a clean finger, which is what I did), apply B (a dark brown eye shadow) just in the lower outer corner, maybe 1/3rd of the way across.
4. Using the same skinny brush, apply B across your entire eyelid, making sure to keep the line pretty skinny.
5. (Optional step) Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. I don't use them but I know gals who swear by them.
6. With C very lightly line your under eye along the outer 1/3rd of your eye, just like the eye shadow.
7. Line across your upper eyelid with C. (I didn't do this because eyeliner across my entire eye isn't very flattering, so I just did my outer corner).
8. Coat your upper lashes with mascara D.

For the CHEEKS, from the two upper left pictures:
Please check out this post for where to apply blush to your cheeks depending on your facial structure. About 2/3rd of the way down you'll see a diagram that is a great help.
1. Apply E to the appropriate places on your cheeks.
2. Apply F to your outermost parts of your cheekbones, blending lightly up towards your temples.

As for LIPS, I didn't have a close enough color gloss to what they used, so I just used a pale pink gloss (G) and skipped the clear coat.

Everyone loves a good top-knot right? I mean, I totally do! They're so easy, super quick, and fun! Especially if you add a cute hair accessory like a Mini Sunbow. :3

For the TOPKNOT starting from right to left again:
1. Gather and secure your hair high up on your head.
2. Twist your hair.
3. Wrap it around in a slightly loose bun.
4. Secure with bobby pins.
5. Lightly pull on random strands of hair. This gives the bun a more full and playful look. We're not going for a tight ballerina's bun. Give your bun some texture!
6. Secure with more bobby pins.
7. Fluff a little more and spray with finishing spray.

Hope you guys liked this post. I know it's long, but I hope it was informative. Is there sometime I could focus more/less on? Any thoughts? Requests? I do have a nicely sized backlog of these magazines so if there's a hair style you want to know how to do, I can see if I can find it. d^___^b

Happy Thursday friends!!
sophistifunk said...

i love love love the hair! too cute!
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

Liz Brown said...

Good job! You looked like such a CUTIE.

:P That was horrible.

I'm looking forward to seeing some looks that are less 'you.' That'll be fun.

eve said...

I miss Japanese magazines. Did you get those at the international district?
I love hair buns! I've been lazy and putting my hair up in a bun a lot. LOL
top it with some cutw hair bows or a scrunchy!

Eloise - jazzlipsandtulips said...

Ah this is real cute! The fact th,at you can even partially read Japanese is amazing! Happy to be your newest follower!

Amanda said...

Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
Please follow me.

Ariel Tyler said...

love love love your top knot!

chestnutmocha said...

it is really cute! sometimes i wish i had bangs.. but then i have them i wish i didn't have them hahah weird relationship with my hair :-)
you look really great!

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