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Wednesday is probably my favorite work day of the week. We have a card night at the store where we play this Japanese card game called Weiss Schwarz with customers and friends. It's really cool that I have an opportunity where my work and hobbies are the same thing. Aaron comes in and plays for a few hours also! There are even a couple people who drive 30-60 minutes each week to come to the store to play. It's just a total blast, I loves it!

Today being the awesome day it is, I wanted to take another page out of Anna's book, and do a "Best Of" post. I thought doing a "recap" of my blog, posting the posts that had the most traffic would be neat. To be honest, they weren't all the one's I thought would be the most popular but I'm tickled pink none the less that my blog had people visit it! *^_^* Thanks everyone for visiting!

~ More Bentos
~ Tamagoyaki Tutorial
~ Things I'm Loving - Nail Stickers
~ Makeup Monday - Cake Batter Eye Shadow
~ A Summer Bento
~ What's In My Purse?
~ Mini Bunting Knitting Pattern
~ I Learned How To Do My Makeup From Japanese Fashion Magazines
~ Lip Tints
~ Braid + Bun

Anna Combrink said...

LOVE these and love that my posts are inspiring you. :)

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