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Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully everyone is having a delightful weekend.

Sunday's are my one full day off so I am enjoying it to the fullest! Hanging out with Aaron, eating yummy food, playing video games, might watch some baseball later, skunk Aaron in Cribbage again... hehe! Good Sunday is GOOD!

I have seen many other bloggers (like Contemplating Beauty, Nearsighted Owl and Dainty Squid) do posts like this and with as much as I use IG, I thought I would start doing a weekly recap also.

Here's some pictures from last week:

1 new nail stickers 2 the local hockey team's mascot stopped by the store
3 homemade curry dinner 4 snacking and playing games
5 the view of the ceiling from my couch 6 making it rain PAX badges

Now for this week:

1 me rocking a super cool R2D2 Mickey Mouse hat 2 Lando squared trying to make moves on Yukiko
3 Aaron's big bento lunch 4 Rinoa curled up in my blanket
5 biking to "Romancing of the Stone" 6 Final Fantasy XI chip tunes album
7 my pork bun bento (a bun-to???) 8 playing cribbage at Family Dinner Night
9 Millhiore Biscotti 10 a late night fire at my sister-in-law's

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! We have a nice day of laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, biking, and game playing ahead of us. Woot!
Courtney B said...

I've been debating whether it's worth it to try out some nail stickers. Do you love yours?
Hope you had the BEST Sunday :)

chestnutmocha said...

yay to instagram posts! we do it too :-) weekly as well!
Love yours!

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