HAPPY NEW YEAR It's Power Stone 2 Time!

Awkward and Awesome v5


■ The maintenance people at my apartment complex were cutting down a tree next to my place and it faced the room I was exercising in... so the blinds were closed.
■ A dude I dated for two days back in junior or senior year in high school came by the store today and kept eye contact for far too long.
■ Instagrams new policies... ick.
■ Rocking out to Kalafina while waiting the drive thru at the bank and one of the business owners near my store seeing.

■ I have a friend I can spam emails to all day. (I don't think she minds) x(^o^)x

■ I got set up with Tumblr, Flickr, and Google+ (again) because I want to be more active on the internets. Flickr's mobile app does just as much as Instagram does (plus quite a bit more photo editing options) so I'm making the switch there.
■ Found out one of my friends asked his lady friend to marry him. I'm so excited and happy for them!

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Outfits of the Day - Rinoa & Me

Thrown Together Outfit

Doesn't it feel great when you throw a few pieces together (when you feel like you have nothing to wear) and it turns out great?! Yeah me too! Feeling pretty confident today. d^__^b


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