DIY Water Bottle

I've made a decision. There aren't enough pompoms in life. Pompoms and just overall silliness. This must be remedied!! Let's remedy it by decorating that boring water bottle that's been hanging around. You know the one~ that water bottle that keeps popping up in various locations even though you could have sworn you threw it away.

Cut a piece of paper 9 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inch tall. Decorate it until your hearts content. Make it bright! Make it colorful! Make it AWESOME!

If I had glitter, I would have COVERED this baby in it.

Glue paper onto the bottle. Glue sticks don't seem to work well enough for this, so maybe try something a bit stronger.

Glue a pompom to the top of the cap. Not the bottom. That's too much silliness. xD Also, be careful to not glue your fingers to the cap if you are using super glue. Not saying I did that... but man, I was close.

There you have it! A super cool water bottle to brighten up your day.
AliceBeckstrom said...

Cool idea!! Maybe we all need them for next family vacation? :0)

ginanorma said...

you are TOO cute!

iamprecious ♡ said...

cute pics :), lets follow each other!

Ariel Tyler said...

how fun!

Danica V. said...

adorable. i'm definitely going to do this on my next water bottle...if i can find a pompom!

i'm in a mind to draw some little eyes alongside the cap...then we get a little fluffy-headed creature as our water bottle :)

Princess Naheeda said...

That's cute but the Pom Pom will get wet everyone you wash the lid! X

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