NEW PATTERN ALERT ~ Three Color Bunting

Real talk time! It's about procrastination.

I can honestly say this pattern has been ready to be written up in a PDF and posted on Ravelry for the better part of three months. What's my deal? Everything I think of sounds like some lame excuse. So just know that this is an exciting pattern for me and it's something I am truly thrilled about to finally have up and available for you.

Buntings are such a fun fun fun addition to any room or any thing. Did you ever see the bunting I made for my blanket fort?

Stars make the perfect bunting for a blanket fort. Just sayin'. That bunting was just yarn that I wove through stars I cut out of 3x5 note cards.

I digress. The new pattern is what I want to talk to you about, really!

When spring and summer hit, I get in the mood for various things~ Passion Tea Lemonades from Starbucks, rolling down the car windows and not caring who can hear me sing to music, road trips, baseball, reading in the sunshine, badminton... so many things. This year, I am in the mood to decorate every room and every window in my place with buntings. They seem to be all over the place online. No doubt you've seen plenty online, especially Pinterest.

Skinny and long triangles were in practically every bunting I found, so I opted for short and fat triangles. I totally dig them! They hang really well too. Two tiers of buntings I felt was unique. It covers more space with bunting fun than a normal one row bunting. It's like a bunting spectarularrrr! (Pretend I said that while rolling my "r"s... which is something I can't actually do, but just pretend that's how I said it, lol!) Doesn't it make the bunting just that much more exciting?

More "r"s should be rolled when referring to things being "spectacular". You should totally try it sometime. It's pretty fun. Trust me. d^______^b

You can snag the pattern here, here, or here. Enjoy!
ginanorma said...

Oh you are so creative, I love this little bunting! I want to learn to knit so badly...


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