All Aboard!

While Aaron and I were in San Fransisco a few weeks ago, we had decided to take a self-guided tour on board the SS Jeremiah O'Brien at Pier 49. It was awesome!.

Since it's a self-guided tour, we were able to just wander and get up and personal with a lot of aspects of the ship.

That is Alcatraz Island out there. Pretty crazy.

"Hey Aaron! Look what I found! This gun is so cool! I'm so hardcore, huh?!"

We were able to explore four or five floors inside the ship. We saw the teeny timey crew bedrooms, mess hall, lounges, and even the engine room!

Aaron is seriously contemplating whether or not to hide and scare me. And also thinking about food. xD

ALSO. You can have sleepovers on the ship!! There are rows and rows of these cots that were three beds tall. I think that the sign said you can have up to 50+ people included at a sleepover there. HOW COOL! We thought it'd be super great to have an overnight party there. d^_______^b

We had walked so much that day, I was ready for a little nap. *^^*

I have this thing for military vehicles. I think they're just about the coolest. So I was thrilled to be so close to one, even if it was just a Jeep. (It was a COOL Jeep!!)

After we toured every inch on the inside of the ship, we went back top to find the gun we heard you can sit at and get really hands on with.

Aaron thought this was just about the coolest thing ever. I laugh at this picture every time I see it. It's totally amazing!

It was very fun to hang out someplace that had so much history. We found out that it was actually one of the very few armada ships that returned from Normandy, and that part of the ship was used turning the filming of the movie "Titanic".

If you ever find yourself at Fisherman's Warf in San Fran, and you have the time, definitely check this ship out! It was $12 per person, and it was $12 well spent. I'd love to come back and tour it again someday. Alongside the pier, next to this ship, is a submarine you can tour. That would be super cool to check out also. Maybe next time!

Have you ever had a chance to tour something like this? If you haven't, is there any place like this you'd like to visit?

Awkward and Awesome v4

■ Being told by a customer that he appreciates that my "moral compass points North". o_O (I appreciate his appreciation... it's just weird being told that in such a way)
■ Being asked by a customer if I was going to give them something for their birthday. o_O;
■ Not realizing that my lip color was crazy super bright until after I ran errands and got to the store. (Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch might be a tad too bright for me. Maybe I'm just not used to it?) What do you think?
(It's kinda bright huh?)

■ Getting another order of super awesome string backpacks with the store's macsot, Seilah, on them for the store.
■ Getting ready to host a regionals tournament for a card game that we host at the store. The British Columbia location isn't able to host regionals so we're welcoming our friends from the North to join our party.
■ The store is sponsoring a few charities this month because we can. *^_^*
■ NORO yarn has a MAGAZINE!! The next project I knit for myself is going to be the striped shrug. I don't have enough yarn for it so I guess I'll just have to go buy some~ bummer... ;D
■ Inspiration hit me the other day and I scribbled down some notes for what I hope to be my next pattern! It's going to use variegated yarn. FUN!
■ I'm able to knit for a decent amount of time again and I even finished a project!! Pictures coming soon.

That's all for now friends! Hope your Tuesday is going spectacularrrrrr!

The Quest for the Golden Cheese

A story based on true events. Penned by KnittedFox

It was a dark night. A late night also. Who knows how late it really was. Our adventurer, Sarah, had found herself face to face with a dilemma of an acute kind. She was making tacos for herself and her adventuring partner, Aaron the Loyal, when she realized she was out of cheese.

"Oh bother!", she said. "What are we to do!?"

Aaron the Loyal jumped out of his chair and ran to his shoes. "I will get some for you!" shouted he, as he hurried to put his shoes on. He ran out the door before Sarah could reply. She grabbed her cloak and shoes and sprinted to catch up him.

As our adventurers started out on their quest, they wrapped their cloaks around them. They could see their breath on the air. It was only early October but the night weather was already biting cold.

"Are you sure you want to go get cheese? It's rather late." Sarah asked as she rubbed her hands together. The thought of tacos without cheese was unbearable, but was it worth the long trek JUST for this one item?

"We MUST have cheese for our tacos!" cried Aaron. His pace quickened. This journey would take some time, and he wanted to be there and back again as quickly as possible.

With a determined look on her face, Sarah agreed. "Yes, we must." She hurried to match Aaron's stride.

They crossed street after street until they came to a wide field. It was dark and the grass smelled wet and sweet. For a second, only a second, did Sarah delay. Walking with cold wet toes was something she dreaded. Few things slowed her down on a journey as much as that. Tonight she would gladly sacrifice her toes to frostbite if need be. It didn't take more than a few steps for water to pool inside her shoes. "I can over come this," she kept telling herself.

They trekked far across the field, past grassy puddles and sticky mud until finally they came to dry land. Their path was lined with trees of all types: pines, oaks, and dogwoods. As the two adventurers walked along the path, the darkness hid many low hanging branches. Branches that Aaron kept running into as they hurried along.

"There is nothing on this Earth as bad as being hit by branches one cannot see!" Aaron cried as he was hit for a third and fourth time. The clouds had covered the night sky, therefore there was no moon to guide Aaron away from the branches. By the time they had come out of the forest, Aaron's face was red where the branches had scratched his face, and there were a few bits of leaves ruffled through his hair.

Our brave adventurers were making great progress. They were about half way to their destination when another obstacle blocked their path. Out of the shadowy brush sauntered a giant skunk, the dreaded Pepe de Tila Pew Pew Pew. He was on the prowel for his next meal. This stopped our adventurers dead in their tracks.

Aaron looked at Sarah and put a finger to his lips, "Shh... let's go around". Luckily, Pepe did not see or hear our adventurers. They quietly crossed to the other side of the path and tiptoed well past his field of vision. Releasing a sigh of relief Aaron and Sarah walked on, glancing over their shoulders every once in a while making sure Pepe wasn't following them.

They quickly arrive at their destination and acquire not one but two packages of Golden Cheese. As Sarah and Aaron start their journey back home, they much on a few bites of cheese. This boosted their energy and prepared them for the journey home. They quickly made their way past Pepe de Tila Pew Pew Pew, ducked through the forest, kept it together while they walked through the wet field, and made it home.

With the Golden Cheese grated and piled high, the adventurers built and devoured their tacos with huge smiles on their faces. "What a successful quest! These tacos are THE BEST tacos ever!" Sarah said, delighted with their feast.

"Yes, indeed! The best ever!" Aaron replied. Sarah noticed a little Tapatilo on his lip. She wiped it away and started giggling. Aaron joined in, and the two giggled themselves happily ever after.

The End.


Today started out with the idea of doing one of those "picture an hour" posts where I take a picture once an hour showing you what one of my work days is like. Then I was late for work, the electricity was out in half of North Richland, and then we got crazy busy and before I knew it the last four and a half hours have flown by. Today definitely hasn't been a typical for me.

So instead I'm going to talk about some of my favorite things. I recently added an "About Me" section to the blog and thought it would be fun to add even more random crazy info about me here. So read on, if you'd like~

■ Anything by J.R.R. Tolkein
■ Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
■ The Jane Austin basics
■ "The Cat Who" series by Lilian Jackson Braun
■ various Star Wars series
■ Spice and Wolf
■ anything about physics, particle physics, and/or astronomy

■ Girls Generation
■ AKB48
■ Grizzly Bear
■ Eikichi Yazawa
■ Ellie Goulding
■ Electric Light Orchestra
■ Vocaloids
■ Neutral Milk Hotel
■ of Montreal
■ LCD Soundsystem

■ waffles w/butter and honey
■ olives
■ pickles
■ Bibimbop
■ ramen
■ curry
■ curry ramen
■ Brussels sprouts
■ sunflower seeds
■ chocolate covered pretzels
■ yogurt covered pretzels
■ Pizzaria pretzel Combos

■ caramel macchiato
■ Starbuck's Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher
■ chai latte w/a shot of espresso
■ Stella Artois
■ green tea
■ melon flavored Bubble Tea

Video Games
■ Final Fantasy XI (PC)
■ Dragon Quest IX (Nintendo DS)
■ Final Fantasy 3/6 (Super Nintendo)
■ Phoenix Wright series (Nintendo DS)
■ Ghost Trick (Nintendo DS)

Card Games
■ Cribbage
■ Weiss Schwarz

■ Lord of the Rings
■ Pride & Prejudice (w/Colin Firth)
■ Persuasion (the one with Amanda Root and the one with Sally Hawkins)
■ Happy Potter series
■ Star Wars Original Trilogy
■ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

■ Tenchi Muyo
■ Sailor Moon
■ Star Trek Next Generation
■ Deadliest Catch
■ Baseball (Go M's!!)

■ cats
■ dogs
■ foxes
■ owls
■ cats *^_^*

■ Crossbody purses
■ long necklaces
■ tinted chapstick or lipbalm
■ my ipod touch
■ my neon pink big sunglasses

■ my wedding ring
■ a one of a kind necklace my mom bought me
■ my dad's military unit coin (drinks are not often on me lol!)
■ a necklace that my sister's and I all have one of
■ a doll I've had since I was a baby (I called him "My Baby With No Hair" or "Baby" for short)

■ Instagram
■ Hana fuda
■ Jack Lumber
■ Hot Springs Story
■ PicFrame

■ Questionable Content (my homepage)
■ Twitter
■ Gmail
■ Ravelry
■ Huffington Post
■ Universe Today

■ pink
■ blue
■ mustard yellow
■ peach
■ grey

Fashion Friday and DIY!

Happy Friday friends! Hope your weekend is starting off awesome! Mine is so far. Today has been a great day at the store, I'm going to be heading out here soon to go on a yarn date with my friend Danielle, Aaron and I are going to have a bunch of friends over to play scary video games tonight. Yeah, awesome day is awesome!

To add to the fun, I have a little DIY to share. It's something I saw on the Beauty Department and just loved! Handy dandy foundation and blush~ in a contact case~

This is so incredibly easy~

Step 1: Gather your foundation, a cream blush, and a contact case.

Step 2: Add foundation to one side.

Step 3: Add cream blush to the other side. This stuff was really easy to tear and smoosh into the case.


This little guy is sooooo much nicer to haul around than the foundation bottle! (Cuz I'm totally a person who does that... along with all my other makeup stuffs).

In addition to the DIY, I wanted to post some outfits. It's been a while and I'm currently enjoying the cool weather we're having and pairing shorts with long sleeves.

Shorts and long sleeves is my all time favorite style to wear. Soon enough I'll be bringing out the cardi's and sweaters. What are you favorite late summer/early fall styles?


It Only Took Me A Year To Notice

Somewhere along the line when I moved my blog from a personal domain to a Blogspot blog I forgot to add an "About Me" section. It didn't occur to me until just the other day. So I spent some time and made one. It's weird writing about myself. And it's weird writing about how weird it was to write it. So I'll stop and point you in the direction of the About Me page. *^_^*v

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