All Aboard!

While Aaron and I were in San Fransisco a few weeks ago, we had decided to take a self-guided tour on board the SS Jeremiah O'Brien at Pier 49. It was awesome!.

Since it's a self-guided tour, we were able to just wander and get up and personal with a lot of aspects of the ship.

That is Alcatraz Island out there. Pretty crazy.

"Hey Aaron! Look what I found! This gun is so cool! I'm so hardcore, huh?!"

We were able to explore four or five floors inside the ship. We saw the teeny timey crew bedrooms, mess hall, lounges, and even the engine room!

Aaron is seriously contemplating whether or not to hide and scare me. And also thinking about food. xD

ALSO. You can have sleepovers on the ship!! There are rows and rows of these cots that were three beds tall. I think that the sign said you can have up to 50+ people included at a sleepover there. HOW COOL! We thought it'd be super great to have an overnight party there. d^_______^b

We had walked so much that day, I was ready for a little nap. *^^*

I have this thing for military vehicles. I think they're just about the coolest. So I was thrilled to be so close to one, even if it was just a Jeep. (It was a COOL Jeep!!)

After we toured every inch on the inside of the ship, we went back top to find the gun we heard you can sit at and get really hands on with.

Aaron thought this was just about the coolest thing ever. I laugh at this picture every time I see it. It's totally amazing!

It was very fun to hang out someplace that had so much history. We found out that it was actually one of the very few armada ships that returned from Normandy, and that part of the ship was used turning the filming of the movie "Titanic".

If you ever find yourself at Fisherman's Warf in San Fran, and you have the time, definitely check this ship out! It was $12 per person, and it was $12 well spent. I'd love to come back and tour it again someday. Alongside the pier, next to this ship, is a submarine you can tour. That would be super cool to check out also. Maybe next time!

Have you ever had a chance to tour something like this? If you haven't, is there any place like this you'd like to visit?
Liana said...

I keep thinking about this post - I love this sort of thing. (Huge history dork!)

I went on a tour of a decommissioned submarine while on vacation once, and at the very end there was a gentleman who had served on the vessel! He even had this little book for sale called "The Blind Fight" - really fascinating, and kind of unbelievable. I mean, just LIVING in a submarine is crazy, but fighting a war in one? Geez!

Now, about ten years after the fact, Nick and I coincidentally live only about 45 minutes away from it! You post keeps reminding me that I need to go back!

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