The Quest for the Golden Cheese

A story based on true events. Penned by KnittedFox

It was a dark night. A late night also. Who knows how late it really was. Our adventurer, Sarah, had found herself face to face with a dilemma of an acute kind. She was making tacos for herself and her adventuring partner, Aaron the Loyal, when she realized she was out of cheese.

"Oh bother!", she said. "What are we to do!?"

Aaron the Loyal jumped out of his chair and ran to his shoes. "I will get some for you!" shouted he, as he hurried to put his shoes on. He ran out the door before Sarah could reply. She grabbed her cloak and shoes and sprinted to catch up him.

As our adventurers started out on their quest, they wrapped their cloaks around them. They could see their breath on the air. It was only early October but the night weather was already biting cold.

"Are you sure you want to go get cheese? It's rather late." Sarah asked as she rubbed her hands together. The thought of tacos without cheese was unbearable, but was it worth the long trek JUST for this one item?

"We MUST have cheese for our tacos!" cried Aaron. His pace quickened. This journey would take some time, and he wanted to be there and back again as quickly as possible.

With a determined look on her face, Sarah agreed. "Yes, we must." She hurried to match Aaron's stride.

They crossed street after street until they came to a wide field. It was dark and the grass smelled wet and sweet. For a second, only a second, did Sarah delay. Walking with cold wet toes was something she dreaded. Few things slowed her down on a journey as much as that. Tonight she would gladly sacrifice her toes to frostbite if need be. It didn't take more than a few steps for water to pool inside her shoes. "I can over come this," she kept telling herself.

They trekked far across the field, past grassy puddles and sticky mud until finally they came to dry land. Their path was lined with trees of all types: pines, oaks, and dogwoods. As the two adventurers walked along the path, the darkness hid many low hanging branches. Branches that Aaron kept running into as they hurried along.

"There is nothing on this Earth as bad as being hit by branches one cannot see!" Aaron cried as he was hit for a third and fourth time. The clouds had covered the night sky, therefore there was no moon to guide Aaron away from the branches. By the time they had come out of the forest, Aaron's face was red where the branches had scratched his face, and there were a few bits of leaves ruffled through his hair.

Our brave adventurers were making great progress. They were about half way to their destination when another obstacle blocked their path. Out of the shadowy brush sauntered a giant skunk, the dreaded Pepe de Tila Pew Pew Pew. He was on the prowel for his next meal. This stopped our adventurers dead in their tracks.

Aaron looked at Sarah and put a finger to his lips, "Shh... let's go around". Luckily, Pepe did not see or hear our adventurers. They quietly crossed to the other side of the path and tiptoed well past his field of vision. Releasing a sigh of relief Aaron and Sarah walked on, glancing over their shoulders every once in a while making sure Pepe wasn't following them.

They quickly arrive at their destination and acquire not one but two packages of Golden Cheese. As Sarah and Aaron start their journey back home, they much on a few bites of cheese. This boosted their energy and prepared them for the journey home. They quickly made their way past Pepe de Tila Pew Pew Pew, ducked through the forest, kept it together while they walked through the wet field, and made it home.

With the Golden Cheese grated and piled high, the adventurers built and devoured their tacos with huge smiles on their faces. "What a successful quest! These tacos are THE BEST tacos ever!" Sarah said, delighted with their feast.

"Yes, indeed! The best ever!" Aaron replied. Sarah noticed a little Tapatilo on his lip. She wiped it away and started giggling. Aaron joined in, and the two giggled themselves happily ever after.

The End.
MoosiferX said...

Hahaha, YES. That is exactly how it all happened. A great story, my dear!

MacKensie said...

haha this is so cute. :)

AliceBeckstrom said...

Cute story, you two are such great adventurers. We should hear more of your escapades!

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