Awkward and Awesome v4

■ Being told by a customer that he appreciates that my "moral compass points North". o_O (I appreciate his appreciation... it's just weird being told that in such a way)
■ Being asked by a customer if I was going to give them something for their birthday. o_O;
■ Not realizing that my lip color was crazy super bright until after I ran errands and got to the store. (Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch might be a tad too bright for me. Maybe I'm just not used to it?) What do you think?
(It's kinda bright huh?)

■ Getting another order of super awesome string backpacks with the store's macsot, Seilah, on them for the store.
■ Getting ready to host a regionals tournament for a card game that we host at the store. The British Columbia location isn't able to host regionals so we're welcoming our friends from the North to join our party.
■ The store is sponsoring a few charities this month because we can. *^_^*
■ NORO yarn has a MAGAZINE!! The next project I knit for myself is going to be the striped shrug. I don't have enough yarn for it so I guess I'll just have to go buy some~ bummer... ;D
■ Inspiration hit me the other day and I scribbled down some notes for what I hope to be my next pattern! It's going to use variegated yarn. FUN!
■ I'm able to knit for a decent amount of time again and I even finished a project!! Pictures coming soon.

That's all for now friends! Hope your Tuesday is going spectacularrrrrr!
Eve said...

I love love love Noro Yarn!!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i love the pink lips! so pretty, not too bright in my opinion! you can rock it, girl!

Hannah Reynolds said...

I love that color on you. I can understand why it feels too bright because I don't wear bright colors on my lips for the same reason! But you shouldn't worry, it looks great!

guppyandwhaleshark said...

I like it!


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