Christmas Decorating!

It happens every year when we get out the Christmas decorations~ Rinoa wants to eat, sit on, or make love to our decorations. Pure precious hilarity. I bought her a cute red collar so she was very festive in her craziness.

Rinoa's silliness was so awesome I had to record it:

Isn't she such a goofball?

She wants to sniff and rub on everything.

While we were putting up our decorations, we watched Home Alone on Blu-Ray. Such a good movie!!

Also, I'll take this opportunity (since I can't hide it any longer due to that video) that I have done makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Totally. They were all done a year ago or so, so they're kinda old, but feel free to check them out and see how much of a raging dork I am in real life!

But PLEASE don't judge me by the screen shot pics of the videos, Youtube knows how to only give unflattering choices.

I hope everyone is having an excellent Saturday! Once my friends show up we're going to go out to dinner, then come back to the store and have a Minecraft LAN party. And probably work on another cowl. I'm unstoppable!
JustSandy said...

Awww Rinoa is so adorably sweet! That little face and that little bell on his collar.....AHH! Too much :D

Anna said...

SO funny!

I woke Twilight up so she could enjoy this, too. And then she started batting at my laptop, which I think means she wants to be Rinoa's friend. In kitty world.

Liana said...

Gah. Your kitty is SO FREAKING CUTE!

Off to stalk your make up tutes. :D

Lauren said...

My family cat is the same about Christmas decorations! He needs to be all over it. When he was little he used to climb the Christmas tree, and he would get to the top, and it would bend over and he'd fall out. Most days throughout December, without fail he'd make the climb!

Sami @ The Lotus Thrives Anyway said...

awe, so cute! Luckily our cats have completely ignored our tree, which is extremely shocking.

ginanorma said...

SO cute, it's so true, our furry friends have a way of getting in or on top of our things, especially something new and exciting like christmas decor!!! too fun!

Danica V. said...

Ah! Gotta love cat shenanigans :) I loooved that part in the video where she was O_O; at the giggle-worthy!

(btw, Rinoa isn't by chance named after Rinoa Heartilly of Final Fantasy VIII?)

(if so...that's awesommmme)

a cup of subtle tea said...

When I was up in NJ my friend had a real christmas tree that was so pokey we didn't want to touch it so it kept the cat off as well!

Riona is adorbale btw :)

a cup of subtle tea

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