Chocolate Espresso Trail Mix Oatmeal Cookies

Don't let my mostly blank planner fool you, I'm actually pretty busy. Not in the "I have things to do/places to go/people to see" sort of way, but "my baby went straight from crawling to running and hasn't once stopped" sort of way. Each day my plan is: how can I fill this day with the most fulfilling and productive activities? I strive to give Dean a full, happy, healthy, and educated childhood, to the best of my abilities. Granted, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm trying. Each day is an adventure. When one day doesn't go as I planned, I work that much harder the next day. When days do go as I plan I get myself another coffee.

Pretty much every day involves a coffee but some days I'd like a little sumthin' sumthin' extra. More coffee is always the best answer, but it's not always the right answer. That's where these cookies come in. I smashed up some dark chocolate espresso trail mix and added it to my favorite cookie recipe. Chocolate covered espresso beans, praline almonds, sea-salt pecans, and chocolate chips- bam! It's the perfect addition to the perfect cookie.

In between exploring the outside world with Dean, I want to get a load of dishes done. After play time with Legos & Zoobles I'd like to tidy up. Once lunch is over, it'd be great to sweep the floor. These cookies give me that extra umph to help me get more stuff done once my coffee is gone. Don't get me wrong, I don't get all these chores done everyday (most days), but these cookies do help me keep up my motivation levels.

The recipe is actually one for amazingly awesome lactation cookies, but since I'm weaning Dean I tweaked the recipe a bit. I omitted the brewer's yeast, which is the ingredient that helped me with my milk supply. If you're not nursing, then I recommend omitting it as well.

Also, this dough is d a n g e r o u s. Every time I make these cookies I probably eat a half a dozen cookies worth of dough. Don't judge.

Do you have any treats that keep you a motivated mama?

P.S. You can buy "Book of Brave" by the insanely inspirational Laura Jane Williams here. Doitdoitdoit.

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