Ewok cowl hood thing!

One skein down! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-burton-bear-cowl

Fashion Friday

It's been a while since I've done a FF post so here we go. Ever since this I've been putting more focus on: what makes me happy with me, what makes me feel good about me. Giving myself more power so stupid people can't get me down. A little while ago I found this post~ Stop Accusing Women of Being Vain For Caring About Their Looks article on HuffPo and it has helped me a lot. It was reassuring and empowering to hear her words and I highly highly recommend reading it.

Then I saw this picture on Tumblr and thought that maybe a blazer and a pair of heels would be a fun change of pace and something to feel good about. I've never had a blazer before and I just LOVE the look of blazers, skinny jeans, and heels. Love it! So my friend Danielle and I went on a mission for blazers and heels a few weekends ago an was successful:

Yes, that's a box of donuts. A nice lady came in raising money to send her daughter to band camp. How could I say no?! As it stands, I have not had one yet. This is like the ultimate test of self discipline isn't it, lol! xD

Sunken Treasures Games

A few weekends ago, I posted this little post about some work we were doing at the store. Well we finished all that work and had a few requests to post more pictures so here they are!

Here's a look at part of the front of the store. Some systems, STG t-shirts and bags, games, etc.

Aaron, being the always enthusiastic character he is, in front of the new slat wall fixture my parent's got us for Christmas. We have tons of import items like card sleeves, deck boxes, games, and wall scrolls.

"The Monster" holds our NES, SNES, and Atari games. Next to it is a wall full of new shelves that Aaron's parents got us for Christmas. These new ones are deep enough to spine games so we can have more up there. We were able to put up almost 30% more games on the walls thanks to these new shelves!

More shelves and more games!

This isn't even all of the anime we have for sale. We went from about two shelves of anime to easily 2+ big bookshelves full this last year. It's incredibly exciting!

Part of our "game room" where we have Magic the Gathering card singles for customers to shop through, two really nice kitchen tables for people to play games on, and 4 arcade cabinets: After Burner, Double Dragon II, Rolling Thunder, and Marvel vs Capcom 2. It's a pretty popular area! d^___^b

That's all I have for right now. I'm sure there will be lots more pictures in the future as our store keeps growing. <3

Lemon Ginger Biscuits

Happy Monday morning everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was a mixture of busy and chill. Over-thinking and letting go. Snuggles and kisses. Watching wrestling and movies. Minecraft and Weiss Schwarz. Pizza and beer. Tea and biscuits.

We're leaning towards vegan (mostly vegetarian) lately, I've been making more food at home and we're totally loving it. One of my fave new recipes is one I made up on a whim and loved~ lemon ginger biscuits.

These are so crazy simple and have only five ingredients. Since I eyeball the amounts of each this is going to be a bit vague:

■ Bisquick
■ Almond Milk
■ powder ginger
■ lemon juice
■ sugar

Preheat oven to 350*. Follow directions on package to make drop biscuits (if I'm not making a full batch of biscuits, I'll just mix enough Bisquick and milk so it's dense and sticky). Add a good amount of both ginger and lemon to taste. I like mine a bit strong so I add quite a lot of both. Spoon batter onto a baking pan. Sprinkle Dump a bunch of sugar on top of each biscuit. Bake for about 15 mins until slightly golden. Enjoy with a cup of tea, snuggled on the couch with a blanket, a book, and cat.

Rinoa really really wanted to try a bite of these (she totally got a few good licks of sugar off one of the biscuits). (I had to be mean and eat them all myself since almond milk is toxic to cats.) She was joining me on the couch while I was drinking tea and reading. It was a great morning! *^_^*

Do you have a favorite type of biscuit-y snack you like to make?


Sunday Pancakes

Sunday is the one day a week I can take my time with food. Generally I like to make pancakes. Today I cut up some apples and made Apple Cinnamon pancakes. I topped mine with butter, a little peanut butter, and syrup. Aaron had butter and syrup. What are your fave pancake toppings?

A Christmas Work In Progress

For Christmas, both my parents and Aaron's parents bought us shelves for the store. Today we spent the evening putting it all up.

Tomorrow we'll pick up the pieces. XD

Started a new cardigan tonight!

Late Night Quality Time With the Mr.

Why yes, it IS midnight, and yes We did stay up so we could watch “Wrestle Kingdom 7” (a wrestling ppv in Japan). Yes we are that hardcore lol!
P.S. There are a couple Americans we’ve seen in real life will be wrestling tonight (Davey Boy Smith Jr and MVP)~ wooo!
P.S.S. It turns out there are Puchi Nendoroids for the wrestlers AND a wrestling ring for them! (I am totally going to pick it up in March!)


SURPRISE!! Here's a little thing I whipped up over the holiday. It's a chunky cabled cowl using two different worsted weight yarns.

This was such a fun project to knit up! I figured I'd use up some spare yarn I had lying around and I wanted something chunky and fun looking so I made this. The best part of it is the size 17 needles I used to make it. LOVE THEM! And to be honest, no cable needle was used... I just used an extra knitting needle. Suuuuper easy!

Please check it out here, here, and/or here.

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