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A few weekends ago, I posted this little post about some work we were doing at the store. Well we finished all that work and had a few requests to post more pictures so here they are!

Here's a look at part of the front of the store. Some systems, STG t-shirts and bags, games, etc.

Aaron, being the always enthusiastic character he is, in front of the new slat wall fixture my parent's got us for Christmas. We have tons of import items like card sleeves, deck boxes, games, and wall scrolls.

"The Monster" holds our NES, SNES, and Atari games. Next to it is a wall full of new shelves that Aaron's parents got us for Christmas. These new ones are deep enough to spine games so we can have more up there. We were able to put up almost 30% more games on the walls thanks to these new shelves!

More shelves and more games!

This isn't even all of the anime we have for sale. We went from about two shelves of anime to easily 2+ big bookshelves full this last year. It's incredibly exciting!

Part of our "game room" where we have Magic the Gathering card singles for customers to shop through, two really nice kitchen tables for people to play games on, and 4 arcade cabinets: After Burner, Double Dragon II, Rolling Thunder, and Marvel vs Capcom 2. It's a pretty popular area! d^___^b

That's all I have for right now. I'm sure there will be lots more pictures in the future as our store keeps growing. <3
Eve said...

Your shop looks really awesome and full of fun!! I'm jealous :) It's a great environment to work in. You guys did a wonderful work, so many games!!!

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