Video Tutorial ~ OMGee!!

Ok, here it is.

It only took me since 10am this morning, but here are a few videos for your enjoyment(?).

First an intro:

Secondly the tutorial (spazz attack incoming):

There you go! I'm going to go hide under a rock for a bit.
MoosiferX said...

Great job, baby girl! I'm so proud that you got your new tutorials posted. ^_^ -- you are teh prettiest.

Hannah said...

haha you are so cute! Love being able to place a voice with words.

JustSandy said...

OH my gosh!! YOU, you miss, are adorable. THat's what you are. I better see more of these! SUch a sweetie! GAH! :D I'm definitely appreciating the look a lot more now that I've seen live and in color :)

ALso, just to sound even creepier, it's good to hear your voice :) Feels like I'm meeting you for the very first time! :D


AliceBeckstrom said...

You are simply too cute and a smile to end all smiles!!! Great tutorial.

KnittedFox said...

Thank you everyone! *^________^*

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