Cake Batter Eye Shadow ~ Makeup Monday v5

Sounds glorious doesn't it?! I could hardly believe it myself when I first saw it, but that's exactly what I thought of when I saw this shade. Mark by Avon seems to consistently release new eye shadow colors that get me excited.

It's real name is Sugar Sugar and was a limited edition shadow (which Mark does a lot >.>), and it's one I have been wearing almost every day since I got it.

Today was a plain and simple sort of make up day, but that's not to say it's boring. Nope.

One reason why this is not boring is because I used TWO blushes- one highlighter and one pink color- each in different places on my cheeks for a bright and cheery look.

Grab a shimmery white or cream color and apply to your cheek bones. Then with a super light pink, apply just on the apples of your cheeks.

This picture ended up a bit darker than I would have liked... the "cake batter" color is a light pink/tan mixture.

Put a cake batter color across your eyelids (just the eyelids, not straying into the crease too much). Then use a super dark gray or black to the outer half of your eyeline. Going from wide to narrow as you go inward. (like like that little drawing I attempted) Add eyeliner (if you want a more defined look) and mascara.

Yay for simple but pretty looks!

By the way, do I explain these tutorials well enough? Is my wording ok? Sometimes I feel like it's hard to write in words as opposed to SHOWING how it's done. Because if it would be easier to understand my blabbering (cuz sometimes it is blabbering xD) I could always do videos instead. They have happened before. I'm not ready to share that secret with everyone just yet though. Sometimes I can't fathom my raging dorkiness, hehe!

Hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their weekend! [waves]

P.S. Are any of my blogging friends on Google+? I do quite a bit of random posting of silliness on there and would love to connect with people on it.
Chandra said...

Loving the tutorials, the pictures are nice and clear and they are all very informative :) maybe more step by step application pics? :)

amy said...

gorgeous colours and thanks for sharing the tutorial with us!


Little Tree Vintage said...

pretty eyes!

a cup of subtle tea said...

I would love to see you in said videos :) lol

a cup of subtle tea

Anna said...

This one never popped up on my Blogger Reader. :(

And the tutorial made perfect sense to me.

P.S. I'm on Google +!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww super cute!! love the look on you!

Carrie said...

I love this I need all the help I can get for eye make up love the name

Nnenna said...

A color called cake batter? That makes me hungry! haha

I'm on Google + too! =)

star-crossed smile

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