In the spirit of giving

I want to give thanks to the people in my live who have made a big impact. They all deserve their own blog posts because they are so wonderful.

Aaron- the best husband and bestest best friend a woman could ever hope for. Thank you for all the hugs, kisses, head pats, shoulder rubs, shoulders to cry on, hands to high five, ears to listen~ everything. My love, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO, AND HAVE GIVEN ME. It is precious.

My parents- I am so blessed for being raised the way I was, and I want to raise my children the same way as a testament to that. Thank you so much for being there for me (and us), supporting our decision to start a business, and helping us make it a reality, thank you for everything!

My sisters- I love you. We are all completely different women, but I love that we can sit around a table at Denny's and laugh and have fun. I want to become closer and better friends with you in the future.

My cat, Rinoa- You have been a great sport and irreplaceable part of my life. Outside of my family and Aaron, you have been apart of my life the longest. I want to keep you forever.

Meredith from One Sheepish Girl- your creativity, humbleness, and sheer sweetness is infectious. Your blog has made more of an impact on me than any other. You are so talented and so nice~ I strive to be more like you. I am so happy we have been able to chat on Twitter and on Instagram!

Joy the Baker- your sense of humor is incredible and inspiring. I wish I had half of yours~ you are so clever and funny, and you make the most AMAZING food ever. When I tell Aaron about your blog posts, I can sometimes make it sound like I'm talking about a real life friend. xD

Illy from Much Love, Illy- You were the tipping point in my blogging adventures. Thanks to you I have reached out to other bloggers and become friends with them, and become more involved in the blogging-sphere. I feel happy and accomplished because of this.

Hannah from A Cup of Subtle Tea- We have laughed, giggled, joked, and cheered with each other so much over the last few weeks. Your new friendship is exciting and a true blessing. I look forward to doing more of all this in the future! String Cheese Super Heroes GO!

Anna from Owls and Lace- You are so sweet!! I love that we have an imaginary pet owl we share custody with. Martin and his blue bow tie couldn't have better owners. *^_^*

Sandy from the Nerdy Nook- You were one of the first blogs I started following on Google and every day I look forward to reading your blog posts. We share a passion for Japanese fashion (and the language in general I think?) so I am excited to have someone in my life who understands it's awesomeness!

To all the everyone else out there- thank you for sharing your creativity and kindness. I feel like I'm an sponge and I want to soak everything and everyone in all at once!

On a smaller side note I am thankful for my store, my wrists healing so I can knit and craft again, I'm thankful for Girls' Generation releasing their firs English single, and my new found love of Brussels sprouts. Actually there are many more things I am thankful for but Aaron and our friends are calling at me from the frontroom to join them in playing LittleBigPlanet, so that's all for now.


Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
a cup of subtle tea said...

I cannot tell you how surprised and honored I felt to be mentioned in your thankful post!

I have loved these last few weeks chatting and being ridiculous with each other. I cannot wait to keep talking and enjoying your company! Oh yea and our inside jokes are seriously the coolest ones EVER! lol

String Cheese Super Heros 4 life! <3

a cup of subtle tea

JustSandy said...
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JustSandy said...

Awww, Sarah, you are SUCH a sweet lady :) I'm very glad to have met you and hope to get to know more about you as the time passess. And yes, I do very much appreciate Japanese culture in general :D You're awesome! Twitter has certainly made it a lot easier for us to stay connected/in contact! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

P.S. I had to delete my previous comment because I misspelled a word. Can you say perfectionist?>_>



Sandy >.<

AliceBeckstrom said...

We are thankful for our first ever baby !!!!! Who happened, by the way, to turn into a most wonderful, thankful, caring and beautiful woman. We could not be more thankful or more proud!! Love you bunches!

KnittedFox said...

@Sandy and @Mom~ THANK YOU both!♥♥♥

Anna said...

ahh! I'm so late on this! But thank you! I LOVE THIS! Martin is so lucky. :P BTW, Target has little Martin like (owls with bowties) stickers now. I was so excited when I saw them.

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