Fashion Friday and DIY!

Happy Friday friends! Hope your weekend is starting off awesome! Mine is so far. Today has been a great day at the store, I'm going to be heading out here soon to go on a yarn date with my friend Danielle, Aaron and I are going to have a bunch of friends over to play scary video games tonight. Yeah, awesome day is awesome!

To add to the fun, I have a little DIY to share. It's something I saw on the Beauty Department and just loved! Handy dandy foundation and blush~ in a contact case~

This is so incredibly easy~

Step 1: Gather your foundation, a cream blush, and a contact case.

Step 2: Add foundation to one side.

Step 3: Add cream blush to the other side. This stuff was really easy to tear and smoosh into the case.


This little guy is sooooo much nicer to haul around than the foundation bottle! (Cuz I'm totally a person who does that... along with all my other makeup stuffs).

In addition to the DIY, I wanted to post some outfits. It's been a while and I'm currently enjoying the cool weather we're having and pairing shorts with long sleeves.

Shorts and long sleeves is my all time favorite style to wear. Soon enough I'll be bringing out the cardi's and sweaters. What are you favorite late summer/early fall styles?

Liana W.W. said...

What a great idea! I'm wondering if I've never seen the clear-topped contact cases because I haven't been looking for them, or because we don't have them. (Hopefully the former!)

Super cute, as always!

eve said...

that's a pretty neat idea. im one of those lazy people who dont do touch ups once i leave the house. lol

AliceBeckstrom said...

You are so cute. All of your outfit shots with your giant smile just makes me smile everytime. The contact case idea is a great one!

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