If you follow me on Twitter or IG you have seem a ton of pictures over the last few weeks of me being a little thread and needle fiend.

Embroidery is something I've always been interested in, but never got around do doing it. Since getting tendinitis I figured it was time to learn and get crazy crafting!

This was a pretty little wall-hanging for my Mom on Mother's Day. I found some cute vintage fabric at an antique store near mine that matched my parent's frontroom beautifully, and used this pattern I found on Wild Olive's blog. (Side note: totally check out the link out. There are SO MANY inspiring and incredibly cute patterns and ideas there!)

This particular project is special to me because it is the first finished embroidery project I have ever done. Sure I've done some embellishing here and there, but nothing big like a wall hanging.

This is a hanky for my mother-in-law. She has something like 98 clocks in her house and so this design was just so fitting. I found the pattern in this book.

Right after Mother's Day is my Dad's birthday. I found him a beautiful vintage white hanky, embroidered his initials in fancy letters on one corner and then a stack of books on the other corner. Since giving him his hanky, I haven't had a chance to take a picture because it's always in one of his pockets. *^_^*

My Dad used to read to us every night when we were little. He read us Stewart Little and The Hobbit so many times! He recently picked up this huge book binding press/thing and is rebinding old books.

My sister's birthday is shortly after my Dad's so I embroidered her a hanky also:

She loves Totoro so I knew exactly what to make her. This hanky I found at another store and had to have it the moment I saw it. It was just so her. So perfectly her. I traced these guys off my computer screen while the movie was paused. (Sneaky me!)

Not too long ago was Father's Day and I wanted to make my Dad a wall hanging like my Mom's. This time I wanted to make something original. After a ton of doodling I came up with Bilbo Baggins standing over Bag End. It turned out so much better than I imagined it would, and I'm so happy he liked it!

Has anyone else done much embroidering? I would love to see pictures of creations you guys have made!

Skye has some incredible Hogwart's Crests in her shop, which you guys should totally check out.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their Friday afternoon. Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!
Lindsay Haas said...

You do such beautiful embroidery! I haven't done it for a long time mostly with me being in college. But now that I see your work, I'm tempted to try my hand at it again. Thanks for sharing! :)

Chandra said...

These turned out fantastic! Such imagination :) and what a sweet gift idea :)

skye said...

sarah, these are all so cute!! the heart one is amazing, the colours go together beautifully :)
i love the bilbo baggins one too, i think j would love this!
i really need to branch out in my embroidery at the moment- thank you for mentioning my harry potter crests :) xx

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