DIY Sparkly Nail Polish

There are days, and then there are days.

You know which ones I'm talking about? The one where the first customer is on the phone and almost has you in tears, the second customer's child is trying to buy a $14.99 movie on your Xbox Live account, and the third customer's youngest child is very vocally on it's way to throwing a tantrum. Maybe you haven't had a day like today, but you can empathize with me, right?

These three customers are hours behind me, and I've had time to chill out think back on today. In all honesty, it hasn't been a bad day at all. Trying, sure, but not bad. I realized this is the sort of day I would normally take goofy pictures of myself in the back and post them on IG. Instead I'm going to to share a secret. (And then share a tutorial with you).

I'm totally a raccoon. Easily distracted by sparkly things.

Now I'm not talking jewelry. No no. I'm talking about fancy ipod cases, bright summer city shoes, and flashy nail polish.

These things are so bright and happy! Love them!

The reason I'm sharing this tidbit with you is because the reason behind why today wasn't a bad day. My eyes kept catching my super pretty DIY sparkly nails.

Tuesday morning, my two sisters and I got together and made our own DIY sparkly nail polish and watched "Mirror Mirror". It was a such a fun day!

First we dumped out some of the clear polish so there was room inside for the sparkles:

Then we added sparkles from Hobby Lobby:

Once you mix it up, you're good to start painting. The clear polish itself will turn colors depending on what sparkles you use. That first picture up there was mine and the clear polish turned a grape color. While the green one turned dark lime colored, and the pink turned red.

(We couldn't get any good pictures of my polish so I'll retake them later)

My sisters and I had a blast making these and painting our nails. Thinking back on that, I can't be sad about my day today. So, I encourage you to go make your own sparkly nail polish. If you're getting together with your sisters or gal pals, lounging and relaxing in the sun, or if you just feel like making something~ do it!
JustSandy said...

I love this idea! Sparkly nail polish is one of my favorite things to wear. I'm definitely giving this a try. :)

Danica V. said...

this looks like so much fun to do! i've been wanting to try glitter nails for some time now and this seems like a great way to try it. not to mention, relatively mess-free.

i'm glad that the awesomeness of your diy sparkly nails helped brighten your day, too! :D

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That is so cool! I love that the polish even changes color<3

fox hunter said...

Ahh great nail polish DIY! glitter nails are so cute and add a bit glamour to every look hehe.. love this! x

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