Embroidery Pattern ~ Bag End

I'll just come right out and say it: I'm in love with embroidery. Seriously, it is such a lovely craft! The beautiful colors of floss, all the lovely fabrics to stitch on, the different types of hoops. I love them all.

A little while ago I did a post about my embroidery adventures, but the fun hasn't stopped there and I would like to take this time to show you my latest endeavor~ an embroidery pattern. It's based off the project I made for my Dad:

Here is Bag End:

I tweaked the pattern just a little bit because I was on a roll drawing. The little lines under his eyes are blushing cheeks. I felt that my Bilbo's face was lacking a bit and I think this would really add to it. *^_^*

Feel free to snag your own copy of the file Here.

I hope everyone is have a super duper great week so far!!!!

P.S. BIG thank you's to Aaron and my sister, Kindra, for helping me this file. Taking a picture from pencil to a sharp .png file wasn't easy for me.
Jessica Howard said...

Have you done cross-stitch? It was the first yarn craft that I got into, and seeing that you like embroidery, I'm certain you'd love cross-stitch. It's like making pixel art with embroidery yarn.

Adrian said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) This embroidery is adorable!

xx Adrian

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