Things I'm Loving ~ Sunshine

Would it surprise you if I told you that I live in Washington State and in a desert? Yeah the Evergreen State state isn't all covered in trees. In fact, this is what my area looks like:

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Beautiful isn't it?

It's a high elevation desert so we have extreme winters and summers. This summer is no exception. Blue skies, 100*+, and low humidity weather has been the norm for the last few weeks.

I just love the sunshine we get here (even though it gets face melting hot)! Since the hot weather came to town I switched up my makeup routine for the summer. Who likes their makeup sliding down their face?! Not me! So I made a video this morning about the lighter makeup I use. Check it out:

Do you change up your routine in the summer? Do you have one particular cosmetic you just can't survive summer without?
ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh i love me some sunshine! during the summer, i keep my eye make-up pretty light and normally add the pop of color with lipstick/gloss!

Hannah Reynolds said...

After living in a desert my whole life, I really miss it. East coast humidity + 100 degree heat is a whole other side of evil. lol

Enjoy the sun! I know that I'm enjoying any that comes our way :)


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