Things I'm Loving ~ My First Moleskin

I'm totally loving it! It's all Star Wars themed. ♥

Isn't it all pretty? It's so perfectly small and handy dandy sized for my purse. I'm using it as a day planner so I can keep track of bills, important store stuffs, my work schedule (I cannot keep this straight in my head for some reason), and all other little bits of fun things I need to remember.

X-Wings. Winners!

Shaak Ti approves. She especially likes how I write down how many days until bills are due, what I'm doing that night, and what I'm going to pick up at Starbucks later.

Do you have a special planner? What does your look like?
ilene @ muchloveilly said...

cute! i love any kind of moleskin! i have quite the collection of them. :)

Chandra said...

I adore moleskin! Use them for my school planner and it's always worked out so well! They are super durable :D

ginanorma said...

Glad you are liking the moleskin, they are greaaaaaaaaaaat! Cute pic hon:)

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