Fashion Friday

One thing I haven't thought about when writing or reading blogs is "growing out" of something. Like a blog feature or craft. Have you ever thought about it?

It kinda makes you stop and think, huh?

The concept of this growth, for whatever reason, is just something that never crossed my mind. That is, until I watched a video from Elycia and Chantilly about The Rules of Blogging. These inspirational ladies are absolutely lovely and hearing how Chantilly had grown out of doing outfit posts made me realize that I had done that exact thing.

I started Fashion Fridays as a challenge for myself because I felt like I didn't have lot of cute things to wear, even though I did. Over the last few months, I haven't felt a need to challenge myself because I feel good in my clothes now. Challenge successful, I think. Yay!

It became a bit of a habit to come to work in the morning and immediately snap pictures of my outfits before I opened the store. Even though I don't feel a huge desire to do outfit posts every day like I used to, I've taken a few pictures here and there.

This isn't going to be my last FF post, but I definitely won't be doing them as frequently as I used to.


I'm kinda at that point where I feel like I don't have many summer clothes, but I think I might just need to do laundry...

Is there a part of your blog that you grew out of? Did you replace it with something you grew into? I'd love to hear your thoughts on growing in your blog.
eve said...

I'm too erratic to follow a pattern for blogging. I'm always all over the place. When it comes to fashion. I would say I'm extremely lazy. I buy things here and there and then they sit there for months. LOL

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

I love your style...even though you may not think it's "cute enough" to blog about, it's adorable and realistic for everyday wear. :) I know what you mean about growing out of posts though. I'm pretty all over the place sometimes and it's hard to consistently post about something pretty specific each week.

ginanorma said...

those are all so adorable! I think what you're saying is so true, growth is so important and evolving is natural...sometimes certain ideas and posts retire. What do you want to do with your blog? What do you think your gifts are? What do you enjoy doing?

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