Our Trip To Stonehenge

Once upon a time

Sarah, Aaron, and two friends where on the long journey home from Portland.

Across the river to their left, they saw the most fantastical structure nicely settle up the hillside. Curious, the four friends journeyed over the bridge from Oregon to Washington and up the hill. What they found was Stonehenge.

Not the original (obviously) but an accurate replica.

It was erected as a memorial for soldiers from Klikitat county, Washington who fought and died in World War I.

The adventurers wandered the grounds and marveled at the place.

The area surrounding Stonehenge was full of windmills (much to Sarah's delight).

What a happy trip is was!

The End.

Danica V. said...

what a sweet journey :)
i've been to the actual stonehenge and that does look like it! a bit less irregular than the actual stone bits, but the arrangements are dead-on.
i like that its a memorial for fallen soldiers, too.

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