An Upcycled Rug ~ The Story

Sometimes I think I should start writing story book fairy tales for crafty ladies. A couple titles that come to mind would be: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Crafts, A Princess' Guide To Upcycling, or See Jane Turn An Old Sheet Into The Cutest Rug You've Ever Seen. The last title has me really excited because I almost have that story written.

Chapter One

Once upon a time, a pretty little crafter named Jane was blog hopping and came across the most clever idea for upcycling old sheets. Alli, of One Pearl Button fame, had taken an old sheet and upcycled it into a super cute knitted rug. As someone who spends every moment she can knitting, crocheting, or day dreaming of these things, Jane's mind was blown. The thought had never occurred to her to use something so unconventional as a cut up sheet as yarn.

Thoughts of a chunky, beautiful Granny Square rug on her bedroom floor dance through Jane's head and she immediately set out for the perfect thrifted sheet. Once Jane found the sheet of her dreams, she started cutting and crocheting away. Before she knew it, Jane had created a soft and beautiful rug that couldn't be more happily situated than right next to her bed.

Every morning from then on, Jane started each with a bright smile as she wiggled her toes on her favorite new Granny Square rug.

The end.

Ok, so my first book has one chapter and 150 words. Maybe I should just stick to crafting...

I will follow Jane's example, though, and have my own upcycled rug adventure and I hope you will join me.

"Queen" size US sheet or "King" size UK sheet
Size 10.00mm crochet hook

One sheet will make one nice size rug, or two small ones. If you want one big rug, I recommend buying a sheet/fitted sheet set.


1. Make sure your sheet has been thoroughly inspected by your supervisor.

2. If using a fitted sheet, cut off elastic and seams.

3. Fold horizontally twice and cut strips about 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide.

4. Once strips are cut, tie the ends together and wind up into a ball. This makes it easier to work with because the "yarn" won't get tangled up as you use it.

5. Now you are ready to start crocheting. You can use any pattern you want, or none at all. The Granny Square pattern I used was Linda Permann's pattern from The circle pattern was Priscilla Hewitt's pattern found here. Both patterns are easy to understand if you have a basic understanding of crocheting.

My husband just loves the square rug that we have next to our bed. He constantly fawns over it's softness. *^__^*

Both the circle rug and the square rug were each made with a US "Queen" size sheet.

I also took a full size sheet and made into chair cushions:

Note that these rugs shed quite a bit, so I recommend throwing them in the wash once or twice to help keep the shedding to a minimum.

You should totally give this a try sometime. I would LOVE to see any rugs or cushions you make!

Hope you all have a super great Sunday evening! ♥
AliceBeckstrom said...

I love the whole upcycled sheet idea. The rugs are super cute and I love your chair cushions!!! Never been a real fan of chair cushions due to most of them being impossible to keep clean. Though I have always wanted them for our hard wood chairs, I think these are the perfect solution!! And......since they pass Rhinoa's test :0)

ginanorma said...

Sarah!!! I am in love with this, so so so cute! YOu have got to get that shop are SO talented! This is adorable and so unique!

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