Seattle Shenanigans

Here's the scenario~

Your sister and her hubby are planning on a getaway weekend (without the baby) for a Seattle Sounders game. Shortly after they buy tickets for that, they find out Polica is in town the night before and decide to make it a full weekend. Around the same time, you decide to buy tickets to go to a Mariner's game that same weekend. What do you do when you both find out you're going to be in Seattle for the same weekend?

You all go together of course!

I'm so happy we found out we were all going to be in Seattle the same weekend. We got a hotel across the street from both Safeco and Quest Field, which was so very convenient! The International District is about a five minute walk, GameWorks was about a 30 minute walk, and the Polica venue was a bit farther. Basically it was all perfect!

First off, we had a powwow to figure out how to get from the hotel to the venue. It was a bit of a hike but we were cool with that since Pyramid Alehouse and GameWorks was on the way.

Then Aaron decided, out of nowhere, I needed to be dealt with. Thus he applied a unique leg lock on me before he broke out the Lebell Lock. (Guess who didn't tap out- yeah, that's right, me!)

Aaron and I didn't have plans that night so we decided to check out Polica (we had never heard of them before this trip). It was neat but wayyyyyyyyyy too hot so we snuck out a little early.

The next day after the soccer game, we went to the International District and hung out at this little festival they were having outside Uwajimaya. My sister was nibbling on a tasty little ricecake while her hubby enjoyed some takoyaki.

No Japanese festival is complete without decorative masks. Aaron couldn't resist the Ultraman one. *shhhhwatch!!!*

My little sister and I. It's hard to believe she's not 15 anymore, going to every single Christian concert that rolled through town with me, playing N64 until we got stomach aches, and all the other fun things sisters do together. ♥

Of course we hit up Pink Gorilla Games~ because we love them. I grabbed an import GameBoy game, and Aaron picked up the Worms 2 soundtrack.

Safeco was as beautiful as always. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold, and *cough*vegan*cough* hotdogs were yummy in my tummy, and the Mariner's won the first game we've been to in TWO YEARS! Great night was great!

There's something in the air at Safeco which prevents bad pictures from being taken. I think it's just the beautiful stadium and it's awesome lighting. Or something, lol!

The cherry on top of it all was we went to Samurai Noodles for the most amazing *cough*vegan*cough* breakfast of Tounyu (soy broth) ramen with konnyaku noodles. OMGoodness! It was almost like being in Tokyo again!! Pretty sure this place will be visited on a regular basis on future trips to Seattle. Especially PAX weekend.

My loot from the trip. The latest issue of CUTIE magazine was awesome so look forward to another post filled with Japanese hair and makeup tutorials. I'm thinking about even trying out the looks myself and posting about them. :3

I hope everyone else had a super enjoyable weekend! [waves]
Danica V. said...

i don't know a whole lot about Seattle, but from what i can tell in these photos, it looks amazing! i remember seeing some of these on pinterest and it was really nice to read the full story behind it. it looks like you all had a really nice time! :)

i'm intrigued about polica now, too - going to go check them out! that and cutie magazine.

Anonymous said...

Yay to everything here ^^


Eve said...

It's nice that Seattle isn't that far a drive away. Is that yarn I see?!?!

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