Greetings from TOKYO!

Mina-san, konnichiwa!!

(Everyone, hello!!)

Aaron and I are currently in Tokyo Japan on vacation. Omgoodness!

We spent 18 hours traveling on Thursday and it has been quite a day. We are both pretty beat from all the traveling, but we got to our tiny hotel, showered/changed clothes, and went out on the town.

We stopped by Sensoji Temple and took that picture, went to this awesome cafe called "Figaro" and the bartender was so nice!! He spoke a little English, and he was really encouraging when we spoke Japanese to him.

Great night so far! We've only been in Japan for 6 hours or so but it has awesome!!!

Hope you are all well. And I will post again soon!
HippyHomemaker said...

So happy to hear you made it safe and sound! Now the real fun begins of making sure you don't have to ship too much awesome stuff back home. Can't wait to hear more of you're adventures!

Carrie said...

wow how cool!!! Can't wait to hear all about it


eve said...

hope you both have a great time!!

JustSandy said...

This is so amazing, Sarah!! Have a beautiful time!! :D

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