Foxy Mail

My head feels like it's spinning. In the "there is so much stuff going on, I can hardly keep up, as I check stuff off my list I keep adding stuff" sort of way.

No worries though. It's all good, fun, and positive activities that I am happy I started. Some of it requires me to leave my comfort zone. Some are things I can't talk about just yet.

Other parts of it is me staying up too late *cough*2am*cough* watching previous years "Home Run Derby's" on Do you know how exciting those are? So exciting!

Basically, I need to slow down. Down to a snails pace.

I want to embrace this leisurely time and write letters. Not emails but hand written, stamped, and postmarked letters. To you.

If you want a probably very silly little letter hand made with luvs, email me your address at knittedfox [at] gmail [dot] com. Trust that your address is safe with me and used only for the purpose of sending you smiles. I won't stalk you. But if I did it would be to bring homemade cookies. And a hug. Deal?

Note that there will be a great deal of doodles, crayon, yarn, and hopefully not too much cat hair in your letter. Rinoa LOVES laying on paper whenever I have it out. Silly kitty!

Look forward to some foxy letters heading your direction. ♥
Anna said...

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Alexandra said...

I want one! I used to have a pen pal when I was younger and I love receiving mail. You can shoot me an email at with details.

Chandra said...

Such a sweet idea! *^^*

skye said...

oh man, this is the cutest idea ever!! <3 can we be pen pals please?! xx :)

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