I Found It

The day I moved my blog from my .net to Blogspot I knew, knew, I should back my patterns up somewhere just in case something happened. Even though I made back ups for my patterns, one slipped through the cracks~ Alena. It was such a bummer because this one was probably the most fun to make and knit for me.

Tonight I was thinking about trying to rewrite the pattern from the pictures but before I did that I decided to check a few more places for the pattern. I'm so glad I did because I FOUND IT! Somehow it got mixed up with some of the store's folders on the computer.

My favorite part about this pattern is that the cables don't actually require a cable needle. It's a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang on it (which is pretty quick in my opinion) you won't want to use a cable needle again. Ok, so that might be a bold statement, but I do think you'll like this technique!

You can snag the pattern on Ravlery, on the pattern page, on here.

I am off to cast this on on some pretty sparkly white yarn I found. What have you been crafting lately? <3

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