Every night before I go to bed...

This post is day 6 of 30 days of Lists.

*wash up
*snuggle with Aaron
*play games on my ipod
*put on wrestling or baseball for background noise.

When we were in Seattle last weekend I picked up some charcoal foaming face wash.  My skin behaves differently since becoming pregnant.  I'm still trying to find something that helps with my breakouts but doesn't dry me out.

Aaron and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary tonight.  Every night we still snuggle up in bed, my legs over his.

Playing games oh my ipod is just about all the gaming I get to do anymore.  If it requires more than one thumb/fingerI can't do it.  Games like "Fortune Street", "Two Dots", "Tsum Tsum" and "Ninja Village" (or any game by Kairosoft) are all great.

I'm fallig asleep as I write this so I'm off. <3

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