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*my wrists

Aaron has been such a good sport since the baby has been born.  I have never been good at balancing my time  between the people in my life, and even more so since having the baby.  Me being mommy is very important, but so is  me being wife.  We're celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary (our 13th year together) and I'd like to keep that spark alive and well for the next 60-70 years.

Lately I have been feeling I've lost a little bit of my personal spark and I'd like to get it back.  Tuesday I'm getting my hair done, and I'd like to start knitting again (and design some new patterns).  There is so much to be inspired by out there right now and I want to strike while the irons hot, so to speak.

What to work on... a cowl? A scarf? A hat? <3

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