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The other day I ran across this really neat little website: 30 Days of Lists. It's basically a website for this neat month long creative journaling challenge. Since life has been hectic, I figured this is something I could do. I enjoy making lists so figured this might be something I'd like and be pretty easy to fit in each day.

Day One's list was "Today Was Brought To You By...". Here is my list:

*Pomegranate Peach Green Tea
*Hanging out with sisters
*Finding the perfect flannel shirts
*Breakfast burritos for dinner
*Great new music ~ "The Cocktail Hour" a compilation on songs
I picked up at Starbucks

To get an idea of what other people have done, check out the Instagram hashtag #30lists. It does cost $10 to join, which is meh, but it does give you access to a ton of free printables, resources, tutorials, and more, which is neat. (From what I've seen on Etsy, you can't really buy that many printables for $10.)

Are you a list making sort of person? Do you make fancy lists or put them on Post-it Notes? Personally, I'm a Post-it Note gal. ♥
Eve said...

I think I'm pretty bad with lists, I tend to lose them. After seeing all your lovely post of planning ideas, I started to build a planner for myself too, let's see how long that last.

PS: sorry missed you again at PAX this year, it was so hectic!

KnittedFox said...

Ooh yes definitely build a planner! I am great at writing a list then forgetting it, which is why the planner is working so well for me.

Let's try to meet up next year~ we're thinking about bringing Dean. :D

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