a major decision

Oh my!  This is weird.  Blogging on a site that I do not own.  It is also freeing.

Over the past few months (read: almost year), I have felt tied down to my blog- in not a good way.  Long story short, don't want to be tied down to my computer and html.  I am not at home as much as I used to be and so I am not at my computer as much.  Also, I'm not crafting as much.  This makes blogging more of a pressure than a fun thing to do.

Anyways, long story short- I am moving on from Knittedfox.net and going to be leaving my thoughts on life here

I am excited for what lies in store for this blog!


P.S. Comments are broken right now.... I don't know why.  I"ll try to fix it asap.

or get a new layout.  d^_^b

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